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44th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation: “Pushing the Boundaries with Research and Innovation in Forest Engineering”, October 9-13, 2011 in Graz, Austria.

Proceedings and presentations are provided free of charge. Please respect the authors rights and cite them according to the scientific standards.

Author(s) Title of Contribution Paper Slides
Hulusi Acar; Saliha Ünver; M. Sinan Özkaya; Hülya Kiliç Determination of efficiency of the forest skylines in Artvin Forest Region of Turkey
Mauricio Acuna; Justin Skinnell; Tony Evanson; Rick Mitchell Bunching with a self-levelling feller buncher on steep terrain for efficient yarder extraction
Mauricio Acuna; Mark Brown; Luke Mirowski Improving forest transport efficiency through truck schedule optimization: a case study and software tool for the Austrialien industry
Kazuhiro Aruga; Kaname Ito; Ayami Murakami; Masashi Saito; Toshiaki Tasaka Study on the planning method for circular forest road networks considering geographical features
Antti Asikainen; Perttu Anttila; Pieter J. Verkerk; O. Diaz; Dominik Röser Development of forest machinery and labour in the EU in 2010-2030

Athanassiadis Dimitris; Lundström Anders; Nordfjell Tomas

A regional-scale GIS-based Evaluation of the potential and supply costs of forest biomass in sweden
Helmer Belbo A simulation approach to determine the potential efficiency in multi-tree felling and processing
Staffan Berg; Sima Mohtashami; Isabelle Bergkvist; Björn Löfgren Soft logging: Avoiding damage to the soil and water
Isabelle Bergkvist; Niklas Fogdestam Alternative forest management facilitates the harvest of bio-fuel in young stands
Hamish Berkett; Rien Visser Using ground-based harvesting machinery on steep slopes; how steep can we go?
Teodors Blija Soil preparation machinery and classification problems n/a
Henrik Brokmeier Effects of CTIS on fuel consumption n/a
Mark Brown; Martin Strandgard; Mauricio Acuna; Damian Walsh; Rick Mitchell Improving forest operations management through applied research
Gunnar Bygdén GIS for operative support n/a
Maksim Bykovskiy; Evgeniy Tikhomirov Modelling decision-making process when choosing a import multifunctional logging equipment for the conditions of the Russian Federation n/a
Raffaele Cavalli; Stefano Grigolato; Marco Pellegrini The evolution of a mountain road network from the original war-use to the forest one and ist current management
Murat Demir; Ender Makineci; Merve Kartaloglu Temporal variation of sedimentation on paved and unpaved forest roads in Belgrad forest, Istanbul
Fulvio Di Fulvio; Dan Bergström Observations on the effects of rough-delimbing system costs in fuel wood thinning
Vasileios K. Drosos Sustainable forest harvesting operations using digital methods
Vasileios K. Drosos Comparison between orthophotomap data and management plan data for a mountainous forest area n/a
Vasileios K. Drosos; Dimitrios E. Farmakis; Christos C. Stamatiou Mapping and management of mountainous routes with GPS for sustainable development and management n/a
Vasileios K. Drosos; Chrisovaladis Malesios; Konstantinos P. Soutsas Planimetry reliability with GPS n/a
Jirí Dvorák; Farshad Keivan Behjou Performance standards of medium and high power forwarders
Mehmet Eker; Nevzat Ada Developing criteria and indicator set for quality assessment of forest roads
Mehmet Eker; H. Oguz Çoban; Yunus Emre Önal Using of Agricultural Tractors for Harvesting Operations in Turkish Forestry n/a
Adrian Enache; Karl Stampfer State of the art tools used in forest road network planning in a private forest district from Lower Austria n/a
Lars Eliasson; Torbjörn Brunberg; Hagos Lundström Productivity when forwarding fresh and dried logging residues
Jörn Erler Optimize your harvesting method
Fabio Fabiano; Enrico Marchi; Francesco Neri; Franco Piegai Skyline tension analysis in yarding operation: cases studies in Italy
Yuri Gerasimov; Anton Sokolov Wood supply chain optimization: Case studies of logging companies in Russia
Sotir Gluschkov; Erik Findeisen; Ivailo Markoff Education of forest workers in Bulgaria
Werner Grosse Efficiency in the production and preparation of biomass for energetic utilisation
Stéphane Grulois Testing new tools and innovative operating systems for wood energy harvesting in French Alps
Jörg Hittenbeck; Heribert Jacke Contact pressure allocation under bogie axles and tracked vehicles
Anders Møyner Eid Hohle Energy consumption by energy wood supply n/a
Franz Holzleitner; Karl Stampfer; Rien J.M. Visser Utilization rates and cost factors in timber harvesting based on long-term machine data
Andy Horcher; Rien Visser Using On-Board GPS to Identify Training Needs of Helicopter Pilots n/a
Eugen Iordache Opportunity to use small forest tractors at skidding in thinned stands in Romania
Takayuki Ito; Takumi Uemura Automatic control for a self-propelled carriage to enable one-man cable yarding n/a
Meghdad Jourgholami; Baris Majnounian Harvesting systems in Hyrcanian forests, Iran; limitations and approaches
Meghdad Jourgholami; Baris Majnounian Effects of ground-based skidding on Forest Soil in Hyrcanian Forest n/a
Meghdad Jourgholami; Baris Majnounian Residual stand damage following ground-based skidding operation (Case study: Kheyrud Forest) n/a
Kalle Kärhä; Tore Högnäs; Aaron Petty; Arto Mutikainen; Heikki Pajuoja Improving the cost-efficiency of small-diameter energy wood harvesting from early thinnings in Finland
Kalle Kärhä; Arto Kariniemi; Susanna Suortti; Asko Poikela; Timo Melkas; Heikki Pajuoja Towards more effective application of multi-tree handling through educational video n/a
Kalle Kärhä; Perttu Lahtinen; Juha Elo; Heikki Pajuoja Machinery and Labour Force for Forest Biomass Production in 2020 in Finland n/a
Kalle Kärhä; Heikki Pajuoja Supply Systems of Forest Biomass in Finland n/a
Tom Kent; Enda Coates Monitoring the drying of residue bundles during storage in the forest and at a terminal in Ireland
Radomir Klvac Pure energy ratio of logging residua processing
Christian Knobloch Cost-effective short-wood logging cable way system for lowland stands
Andriy Kyy; Volodymyr Kyy; Bohdan Mahura Ecologically sound means of primary timber transportation in complicated forest usage conditions n/a
Juha Laitila The cost calculators for sustainable procurement of logging residues, thinning
Sami Lamminen; Kari Väätäinen; Antti Asikainen The importance of the forwarder operator in loading phase during virtual CTL-forwarding
Luc LeBel; Etienne St-Jean Forest SME entrepreneurs: Toward a higher performance business model?
Kurt Leodolter Occupational health aspects of forest work in steep terrain
Ola Lindroos; Ola Ringdahl; Thomas Hellström Potentials of possible machine systems for directly loading logs in cut-to-length harvesting
Ola Lindroos; Iwan Wästerlund Larger loads and decreased damage - The potentials of a new forwarding concept
Natascia Magagnotti; Raffaele Spinelli Determining the effect of feedstock type on chipping productivity, fuel consumption and quality output
Paul Magaud SIMULCABLE, a new software to optimise the line implantation for cable yarding
Marco Manzone; Paolo Balsari Forestry use of the helicopter
Enrico Marchi; Natascia Magagnotti; Lisa Berretti; Francesco Neri; Raffaele Spinelli Comparing Terrain and Roadside Chipping in Mediterranean Pine Salvage Cuts
Jurij Marence With skidder and load down the skid trail - does in this case a slip of the wheel also influence the forest ground
Piotr S. Mederski; Mariusz Bembenek; Piotr Bandosz; Zbigniew Karaszewski The impact of thinning intensity on forwarder loading
Tadeusz Moskalik; Magda Ostolska Efficiency of energy chips production from logging residues by the Bandit 2090
Masahiko Nakazawa; Masaki Jinkawa; Yuki Imatomi; Masahiro Mozuna; Chikashi Yoshida; Yuji Ikami; Hirofumi Kuboyama; Masahiro Iwaoka; Kuniaki Furukawa; Hisao Usuda; Yoshiyuki Kusano; Seiichiro Tanaka; Masami Morooka; Noboru Morooka Improvement of a processor and forwarders for collecting logging residues n/a
Carla Nati; Lars Eliasson; Raffaele Spinelli Fuel consumption and productivity for two tractor-mounted chippers in relation to knife wear and raw material
Nikolaus Nemestóthy Synthetic fibre ropes for forestry use - further developments in finding criteria for the replacement state of fibre ropes
Hrvoje Nevecerel; Kruno Lepoglavec; Ivica Papa; Dragutin Picman; Tibor Pentek Development of a new computer program for designing forest roads
Toshio Nitami; Sooil Suk; Akito Kataoka; Taiji Mitsuyama Tower Yarder Operation in Japan and the Performance Analysis by GPS-based system
Morten Nitteberg; Bruce Talbot Developing a new yarder-controlled mechanical slack-pulling carriage for double-drum winches
Tomas Nordfjell; Dan Bergström; Rikard Wennberg; Julia Forsberg; Urban Bergsten Geometric thinning for forest bioenergy
Eirik Nordhagen The drying of wood chips with surplus heat from two hydroelectric plants in Norway
Yrjö Nuutinen; Kalle Kärhä; Juha Laitila; Paula Jylhä Productivity and costs of whole-tree bundling system in early thinnings
Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo; Nils Olaf Kyllo; Bruce Talbot The Owren Mini 400: A unique 1:3 scale electrically powered cable yarder for research, training and demonstration
Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo; Morten Nitteberg; Karl Stampfer; Bruce Talbot Workload benefits of using synthetic ropes in cable yarder rigging in Norway
Karri Pasanen; Katja Lähtinen; Pekka Leskinen Multidimensional sustainability framework to evaluate forest-based bioenergy systems
Gianni Picchi; Raffaele Spinelli; Laura Ivorra; Natascia Magagnotti; Improvement of wood chips quality by means of a fontana mechanical sieve
Thomas Psilovikos; Kosmas Doukas; Vasileios K. Drosos The contribution of forest roads to the forest fire protection
Thomas Purfürst; Ola Lindroos Long-term productivity's correlation with short-term performance ratings of harvester operators
Juho Rantala; Heidi Hallongren; Veli-Matti Saarinen; Markus Strandström; Jarmo Hämäläinen; Asko Poikela Competitiveness of mechanized silviculture in Nordic countries n/a n/a
Sandra Sànchez Garcia; Elena Canga Libano; Gianni Picchi; Carla Nati Analysis of the procurement system of eucalyptus residues with bundling technology
Thomas Smaltschinski; Martin Opferkuch Optimization of back freight transportation systems
Mathew Smidt Logging injury and fatality surveillance in the USA n/a
Anton Sokolov; Yuri Gerasimov Ergonomic characterization of wood harvesting systems in Russia
Nils Egil Søvde; Arne Løkketangen; Magne Sætersdal Optimizing terrain transportation with environmental constraints - Key habitats vs profit
Gheorghe Spârchez; Rudolf Derczeni; Eugen Iordache; Razvan Enache; Marius Mihaila Damages inflicted to remaining trees, soil and regeneration in single - tree selection cuttings in mixed (coniferous and beech) stands from mountainous areas of Romania n/a
Raffaele Spinelli; Natascia Magagnotti; Bruce Hartsough Productivity norms for harvesters and processors used in Italy
Raffaele Spinelli; Natascia Magagnotti; Gianni Picchi Determining the annual use, service life and value retention of CTL technology n/a
Erwin Stampfer Forest Engineering at the Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf AG)
Igor Stankic; Tomislav Porsinsky; Ivica Tonkovic; Marko Frntic Development and implementation of productivity norms for forwarders in Croatia
Martin Strandgard; Pierre Ackerman; Marco Pellegrini Onboard computing in forest machinery - A perspective from Australia and South Africa
Oleg Styranivsky; Yuriy Hromyak; Yuriy Styranivsky Argumentation of Optimum Road Density in the Forests of Ukraine n/a
Marijan Šušnjar; Dubravko Horvat; Marko Zoric; Zdravko Pandur; Dinko Vusic; Željko Tomašic Comparison or real axle loads and wheel pressure of truck units for wood transportation with legal restrictions
Hidenori Suzuki; Akira Ogura; Hisao Usuda; Satoshi Yamaguchi; Yoshiaki Tanaka Calculation of Earthwork Volume Using Digital Elevation Model in Strip Road Construction: Influence of Terrain Complexity on Volume Error n/a
Yutaro Takei; Chikara Nakahata; Reiko Yamaguchi; Kaname Ito; Ayami Murakami; Masashi Saito; Kazuhiro Aruga; Toshiaki Tasaka Study of strength deterioration of wooden civil structures as a result of aging – A case study of wooden civil structures in Tochigi prefecture, Japan n/a
Bruce Talbot; Morten Nitteberg Using transloading times in determining the effect of reduced road standards on the delivered cost of timber
Eduardo Tolosana; Rubén Laina; Yolanda Ambrosio; M. Martín Biomass recovery from Spanish pine plantations mechanised thinnings residues. Effects of biomass piling methods and top diameters
Petros A. Tsioras; Christian Rottensteiner; Karl Stampfer Analysis of Accidents During Cable Yarding Operations in Austria 1998–2008 n/a
Jori Uusitalo; Veli-Pekka Kivinen; Heikki Korpunen A step towards optimal wood supply chain: A case study on optimal tree bucking in Central Finland
Kari Väätäinen; Rami Ylimäki; Sami Lamminen; Matti Siren; Jari Ala-Ilomäki; Antti Asikainen; Perttu Anttila The potential of intelligent operator assisting systems in different phases of mechanized loggings
Tran Van Tuong; Gero Becker Sustainability impact assessment (SIA) of alternative forest-wood supply chains (FWSCs) of natural forests in Vietnam
Rien Visser; Blair Tinnelly; Simon Fairbrother Installation of Geogrid to improve forest roads construction
Reiko Yamaguchi; Kazuhiro Aruga; Ayami Murakami; Masashi Saito; Kaname Ito; Mayu Nagasaki Development of a model to estimate annual supply potentials and available amounts of logging residues from profitable sub-compartments in Tochigi prefecture, Japan using forest management records n/a
Tetsuhiko Yoshimura; Hirotaka Otsu; Bruce Hartsough Developing and validating the automatic log transfer mechanism between two carriages
Takuyuki Yoshioka; Katsuaki Sugiura; Koki Inoue Application of a sugarcane harvester for harvesting willow trees aimed at short rotation forestry -An experimental case study in Japan n/a
Zeljko Zecic; Dinko Vusic; Dragan Milkovic; Marko Zoric Skidder with single-drum or double-drum winch in mountainous areas - A case study from selective forests of Croatia
Giuseppe Zimbalatti; Andrea R. Proto An assessment of potential forest biomass production for energy in South Italy n/a