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50th Anniversary of the International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization: "Innovating the competitive edge: From research to impact in the forest value chain" Brasov, Romania, 25th-29th September 2017


Formec Book of Abstracts and Proceedings 2017 can be downloaded as PDF document (~6.3 MB): Proceedings 2017


Author(s) Title of Contribution Slides
E. Tolosana Presentation Of FORMEC 51st Edition (2018) To Be Held In Madrid (Spain)
R. Visser Quenching Our Thirst For New Knowledge
H.-H. Jahn Eib In Action: Realizing The Commercial And Environmental Potential Of Forest Resources
J. Elvnert Vision 2030 & Rdi Agenda For The European Forest-Based Sector
C. Pahonțu Strategic Agenda 2020 For The Romanian State Forests Management
B. Tamás, P. Primusz Application Of Laser Rangefinders In Forestry Surveys
Z. Miklašēvičs The Analysis Of Coniferous Logs Top Diameter Measurement Accuracy Under Bark Using Harvester And 3d Systems
M. Cambi, F. Giannetti, D. Travaglini, G. Chirici, E. Marchi. Assessing Forest Logging Soils Disturbance By Soil Sampling And Laser Scanner Analysis
F. Rossi, G. Becker Scopes And Limitations Of The Use Of Uav (Drones) To Support Forest Assessment And Operations - Study Case In Yungas Cloud Forest, North Argentina
M. Rosińska, M. Bembenek, Z. Karaszewski, A. Łacka, P. S. Mederski Trunk Utilisation As A Factor Affecting Harvester Productivity
W. Zychowicz, T. Nurek, M. Aniszewska, A. Gendek The Effectiveness Of The Process Of Harvesting Of Poplar Wood From Plantation For Paper And Chipboard
P. Mederski, M. Bembenek, Z. Karaszewski, M. Rosińska, Z. Pilarek, M. Surus What Density Of Strip Roads For Early Thinning? Productivity And Cost Of Various Mechanised Thinning Operations In 2nd Age Class Pine Stand
E. Tolosana, R. Spinelli, G. Aminti, R. Laina, I. Lopez-Vicens Disc Saw Feller-Buncher Productivity Analysis In A Holm-Oak (Quercus Ilex) Coppice Biomass Harvesting Operation In Central Spain
C. Knobloch New Principle For Harvester Heads For Hardwood
C. Suchomel, D. Jaeger Optimized Clearing And Early Thinning By Spacer And Motor-Saw
C. Ginet, P. Ruch, M. Vuillermoz Scenario Planning For Skid Trail Implementation And Long Term Trafficability
M. D. Niţă, S. A. Borz, Ş.-B. Candrea Bozga Innovating Forestry Using 3D Geospatial Technology Based On GEOSLAM Mobile Scanner
T. Palander, J. Mutanen, K. Kärhä, J.-A. Sorsa, T. Räsänen Multiple-Objective Stem Bucking In Log Cutting Of Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) Stems For Maximizing Monetary Value Of Timber Trade In Finland
T. Smaltschinski, M. Müller Optimal Timber Supply In Time Slots With Integrated Planning Of Harvest And Transport Operations
B. Talbot, R. Astrup New Techniques For Estimating The Extent, Severity And Distribution Of Soil Disturbance From Machine Traffic During Clearfell Harvesting
M. Cambi, B. Mariotti, A. Maltoni, F. Fabiano, A. Tani, E. Marchi Effects Of Soil Compaction On Early Response Of Q. Robur Seedlings Since Germination
P. Green, W. Chung, B. Leshchinsky, J. Sessions, S. Fitzgerald, J. Wimer Soil Disturbance Of A Cable Assisted CTL Harvester Forwarder Thinning In Northwest US
B. Hinte, H. Brokmeier Pressure Allocation Under Forest Tires - Static And Dynamic Examination And Rutting Process In Field Tests
K. Kärhä, V. Koivusalo, T. Palander, M. Ronkanen Stump Treatment With Chemical And Biological Controls Against Heterobasidion Spp. Root Rot In Coniferous Forests Of Finland
M. Aalto, O.-J. Korpinen, T. Ranta Dynamic Simulation Of Bioenergy Facility Locations In GIS Environment
R. Spinelli, N. Magagnotti, L. Eliasson Determining Chipper Maintenance Cost As A Function Of Chipper Type, Age And Annual Use
R. Prinz, J. Laitila, L. Eliasson, J. Routa, A. Asikainen Hybrid Solutions As Measure To Increase Energy Efficiency - A Prototype Of Hybrid Technology Chipper
L. G. Bont A New Spatially Explicit Method To Assess The Quality Of A Forest Network In Terms Of Terrain Access For Harvesting Operations
M. Šušnjar, Z. Pandur, H. Nevečerel, K. Lepoglavec, M. Bačić Development Of The New Method For Assessing Condition Of Forest Road Surface
B. Kisfaludi, P. Primusz, J. Péterfalvi Predicting The Traffic Of A Forest Road Network
J. Péterfalvi, P. Primusz, B. Kisfaludi Design And Construction Experiences With Simple Soil Stabilization Based Pavements
G. Erber, K. Stampfer Impact Of Splitting On The Drying Performance Of Poplar (Populus Spp. L.) Logs Stored In Piles For Energy Purposes
M. Irdla, A. Padari, V. Kurvits, P. Muiste The Comminution Cost Of Wood Raw Material For Fuel In Estonian Conditions - A Case Study
P. Silva, Â. Moura, R. Spinelli Reducing Fuel Consumption And Improving Chip Quality By Adjusting Chipper Settings
C. Huber, H. Kroisleitner, K. Stampfer Performance Of A Mobile Star Screen To Improve Woodchip Quality Of Forest Residues
U. Flores, D. Jaeger Future Scenario Analysis For Predicting Forest Woody Biomass Availability For Energy Use And Its Economic Impact For The Mexican Bioeconomy
J. Laitila, J. Repola, A. Ahtikoski, J. Routa Pre-Feasibility Study Of Supply Systems Based On Artificial Drying Of Forest Chips Made Of Delimbed Stems
N. Nemestothy The Influence Of Soiling On The Breaking Strength Of Covered And Uncovered 12-Strand Uhmpe- Ropes For Forestry Applications
H. Harrill, R. Visser, J. Byron Inspecting Wire Rope Tensions And End Connectors On Cable-Assist Operations
D. Amishev, J. Hunt Two Years Steep Slope Initiative - Questions, Answers, And Practical Outcomes
J. Garland, F. Belart, R. Crawford, W. Chung, T. Cushing, L. Kincl, B. Leshchinsky, J. Sessions, J. Wimer Operators In Steep Slope Logging And Safety Measurement
S. Ünver-Okan, H. H. Acar, İ. Ergenç Using Of Fine Kinney Risk Assessment Method In The Wood Production Process
S. Bartha, B. Vajda, V. Luminița Green Energy Cluster – Community-Driven Sustainable Bioenergy Projects
J. Dvořák, M. Chytry, P. Natov Comparison Of Different Scaling Methods Of Harvester – Processed Timber
Z. Karaszewski, A. Łacka, P. S. Mederski, M. Bembenek Impact Of Season And Harvester Engine RPM On Pine Wood Damage From Feed Roller Spikes
M. Eker Tractor Mounted Winching Systems For Small Scale Harvesting
N. Gülci, S. Gülci, A. E. Akay Productivity Analysis Of Skidding Operations With Farm Tractor On Skid Roads: The Case Of Osmaniye Forest Enterprise Chief, Turkey
M. Jo Daniel, T. Gallagher, T. McDonald Utilization Of Phone Application Technology To Record Log Truck Movement In The Southeastern US
M. Acuna, E. Canga, S. Sánchez-García Design And Implementation Of An Integrated Transport Framework System To Optimize Timber And Biomass Supply Logistics: A Case Study In Asturias, Spain
R. Laina, M. Acuña, J. Picos State-Of-The-Art Of Log And Biomass Transportation: A Comparative Analysis Between Spain And Australia
M. Yoshida, J. Son, H. Sakai Forest Products Transport By Activating Upgraded Forest Road And Intermediate Depots
A. E. Akay, İ. Taş, S. Gülci Developing Primer Transportation Plan For Forested Areas Under The Risk Of Winter Storm Damage
G. Svenson, P. Flisberg, M. Rönnqvist Improved Route Generation For Logging Trucks Considering Curvature, Hilliness And Intersections
M. Acuña, G. Murphy In-Forest Debarking Of Radiata Pine To Improve Supply Chain Efficiency In Australia And New Zealand: Effect Of Harvesting Season, System And Equipment
P. Britto, D. Jaeger, S. Hoffmann, R. Robert, A. Fantini Innovative And Adapted Wood Supply Chains As A Prerequisite For Sustainable Management Of The Brazilian Atlantic Forest
K. Karttunen, M. Aalto, J. Föhr, T. Ranta Forecast Of Forest Biomass Supply Chain Capacity And Efficiency At The Regional, Local And Individual Level In Finland
J. She, H. Han, W. Chung Multiobjective Optimization Of Timber And Bioenergy Supply Chain From Beetle-Killed Biomass In Colorado
M. Kühmaier, G. Erber Research Trends In European Forest Fuel Supply Chains: A Review Of The Last Ten Years (2007-2017)
M. R. Ghaffariyan, M. Brown, M. Acuna, J. Sessions, T. Gallagher, M. Kühmaier, R. Spinelli, R. Visser, L. Eliasson, J. Laitila, R. Laina, M. Iwarsson Wide, G. Egnell, G. Devlin Review Of Efficient And Cost-Effective Biomass Recovery Technologies And Supply Chains In Forest Operations
M. Chytry, P. Sladek Economic Analysis Of Long-Term Operation Of A Harvester And Forwarder Under Forest Owner Management
S. Pilz, J. Erler Machine Cost Calculation To Determine The Forest Operations Costs
H. Borchert, C. Fritsch, W. Weis, C. Kölling, A. Göttlein The Profitability Of Biomass Harvesting In Spruce Stands When Considering Nutrient Cycling
M. Opferkuch, M. Attinger, D. Jaeger Accuracy, Efficiency And Usability Of Photo-Optical Pile Measurement Systems In The Wood Supply Chain
H. Sakai Challenges In Road Construction And Timber Harvesting In Japan
A. Dulgheru TIMFLOW - The Solution For Wood Traceability
S. Sánchez-García, E. Tolosana, L. Eliasson, D. Athanassiadis, C. Martínez, J. Majada, E. Canga A Study At Different Scales Of The Potential Of Biomass Use: GIS, Yields, Costs And Logistics
M. Kammermeier, E. R. Labelle, F. Schulmeyer Comparison Of Video-Based And Conventional Time And Motion Studies Of Mechanized Forest Operations
M. Fornea, S. A. Borz, M. Bîrda, B. Popa Harvesting Conditions, Market Particularities Or Just Economic Competition: A Romanian Case Study Regarding The Evolution Of Standing Timber Contracting Rates
T. Moskalik Timber Harvesting Methods In Eastern European Countries
D. Jaeger, K. Hammerich, O. Müller, T. Wagner, C. Suchomel Use Of Timber Harvesting Data From Single Grip Harvesters - A Survey Of Contractors In Central Germany
T. Ozturk, E. Bilici Planning Of Skid Roads After Forest Fire In Turkey (A Case Study Of Adrasan Forest Enterprise)
E. Kastenholz, J. Morat, U. Seeling Good Practices In Health And Safety In Forest Enterprises
M. Landekić, I. Martinić, M. Bakarić, T. Pentek, T. Poršinsky, M. Šporčić Characteristics And Improvement Of Forestry Workers Training In Croatia
N. Magagnotti, M. Smidt, R. Spinelli Trainees’ Perceptions Of Logger Training: The Effect Of Course Demographic Variation On Survey Outcomes
P. Ruch, X. Montagny, M. Vuillermoz, C. Pupin The Dialog Tool: A Support Document For Deeper Trust
A. Đuka, D. Vusić, M. Bačić, D. Janeš, Z. Pandur, I. Papa Is Life Cycle Assessment In Forestry Still At Starting Position?
O. Thees Soil Protection In Wood Harvesting: Insights From Production, Industrial And Institutional Economics
M. Cheţa, D. Şerban, G. Ignea, R. A. Derczeni, V. Sfeclă, S. A. Borz Using Sound Pressure Sensors To Monitor The Performance Of Manually Operated Circular Saws: What Parameters Can Be Inferred?
A. R. Proto, G. Zimbalatti, D. Russo Oxygen Expenditure During Motor-Manual Harvesting In The Mediterranean Forests
M. Cheţa, N. Talagai, S. A. Borz Coupling Motion Detection And Sound Pressure Sensors To Automate Data Collection In Motor-Manual Production Studies
E. Marchi, F. Neri, A. Laschi, C. Foderi, M. Cambi, F. Fabiano Determining The Vibrations Transmitted By Electric Chainsaws In Conifer Cross-Cutting Operations
N. Talagai, S. A. Borz Field Performance Of Motor-Manual Felling In Willow Short Rotation Crops
B. Bartha KRONOSPAN - Excellence In Wood Processing