The Forest Engineering Network


40th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation: "Meeting the Needs of Tomorrows´ Forests – New Developments in Forest Engineering", October 7–11, 2007 in Vienna and Heiligenkreuz, Austria.


Title of paper Author(s)
The success story of solid biomass in the Austrian energy market Kasimir Nemestothy
Developing biomass utilization in Louisiana, USA: educating policy-makers, assessing supply and demand, and integrating with forest management Cornelis F. de Hoop; Sun J. Chang; Amith Hanumappa-Reddy; Anil Kizhakkepurakkal
Guidelines for the development of forest chips supply chain model: the Italian experience in the eastern alps Raffaele Spinelli; Natascia Magagnotti
Human influences on harvest operations Frank Thomas Purfürst
How to improve transportation efficiency and cost – A WSRI Study Tom V. Gallagher; Mathew Smidt; Tim McDonald; Robert Tufts
Object-oriented image segmentation approach for timber harvest cruising strategies in mountainous areas Masami Shiba; Akemi Itaya
The GIS learning environments at the Insitute of Terrestrial Ecosystems of the ETH Zürich Riccardo de Filippi; Monika Niederhuber
Analysis about the productivity and fields of application using light weight feller buncher heads in early thinnings Alexander Eberhardinger
Limits of uphill skidding with AGT 835 and woody 110 tractors Jurij Marence; Bostjan Kosir
Different approaches on skidding operation and wood transport investigation: integrate two different approaches in one model Janez Krc; Bostjan Kosir; Raffaele Cavalli; Stefano Grigolato; Daniele Lubello
Limits of wheel based timber harvesting in inclined areas Jörg Hittenbeck
Fine development of the forests with modern high economical efficiency skidding equipments Gehorghita Ionascu; Rudolf Derczeni; Eugen Iordache
Research results on forest workers' training in Greece Petros A. Tsioras; Paul N. Efthymiou
Analysis of noise level affecting machine operators during timber harvesting in Poland Janusz M. Sowa; Krzysztof Leszczynski
Analyses of Shift Pattern Effect on Productivity at the Kaingaroa Central Processing Plant Kim Rose; Rien J. M. Visser; Brent Guild
Full-mechanized harvesting in Bulgaria – the outlines of an upcoming market Ivailo Markoff; Erik Findeisen; Sotir Gluschkov; Jiri Dvorak
Online Information Systems for today´s forest industry Brandon Martin; Earl Kline; Steve Prisley; Rien J. M. Visser
Timber forwarding from Croatian lowland forests – rutting and soil compaction Tomislav Porsinsky; Igor Stankic; Dubravko Horvat; Tibor Pentek; Marijan Susnjar
Ground pressure forwarder trials: assess benefits in reducing wheel rutting Francesco Neri; Raffaele Spinelli; John Lyons
A new training concept for the practice Bettina Wolf; Dietmar Matthies; Johann Kremer
The impact of different carriages on soil and roots – wheels and tracks in comparison Johann Kremer; Dietmar Matthies; Herbert Borchert
Implementation of caterpillar tractors in Bulgaria Sotir Gluschkov; Ivailo Markoff
Cable Logging opportunities for firewood in Calabrian forestry Giuseppe Zimbalatti; Andrea R. Proto
The use of high performance synthetic fibers in synthetic ropes for logging applications in the forestry Paul Smeets
Further developments of synthetic ropes for logging applications in forestry Rudolf Kirth; Susanna Schiemer; Nikolaus Nemestothy; Siegfried Sperrer
Steep terrains and harvesting operations in the Hyrcanian Forests of Iran Seyed Mohammad Hosseini
Regional wood energy logistics – optimizing local fuel supply Christian Kanzian; Franz Holzleitner; Karl Stampfer
Methods for Acquisition of Biomass Compartments Otto Eckmüllner; Pascal Schedl
Long-term feasibility of timber and forest biomass resources at a mountainous area in Japan – Discussion on economy and energy balances Kazuhiro Aruga; Masashi Saito; Toshiaki Tasaka; Takuyuki Yoshioka
Eco-Efficiency of Pellet Production - Comparison of Log Wood and Sawmill Byproduct Systems Hans Rudolf Heinimann; Jörg Hässig; Regina Wollenmann
Innovating clear-felling technique to improve harvesting of branches in maritime pine forest Arnaud Villette; Richard Emeyriat; Maryse Bigot; Jean-Michel Boulay
Wood biomass in wood harvesting and waste wood procurement in Bulgaria Dinko Dinev
The biofuel production as a means of improvement of the quality of life Vasileios C. Drosos; Farmakis E. Dimitrios; Vasileios J. Giannoulas
Regional wood energy logistics - Estimation of wood resources based on inventory data Christian Kanzian; Georg Kindermann
Determination of transition rates for the energy biomass calculations in spruce stands in Latvia Imants Liepa; Teodors Blija
Characteristics of progressive technologies of snowbreak processing and the production of energy woody biomass in young pine stands Jindrich Neruda; Radomir Ulrich
Optimum road spacing of forwarding operations: a case study in Southern Austria Mohammad Reza Ghaffarian; Karl Stampfer; John Sessions
The applicability of different GPS – types with the survey of forest road networks in Greece Aristoteles Kosmas; G. Doukas; Vasileios J. Giannoulas; Anastasia G. Stergiadou
Quality planning of forest road network – precondition of building and maintenance cost rationalisation Tibor Pentek; Hrvoje Nevecerel; Tomislav Porsinsky; Dubravko Horvat; Marijan Susnjar; Zeljko Zecic
Multi-standard forest road network and forest harvesting system – a monorail-based new operation system for forest harvesting at steep hillside Toshio Nitami
Eco-development of a protected mountainous area and the improvement application of forest road Anastasia G. Stergiadou; Panagiotis Ch. Eskioglou
Analysis of volume differences in measuring timber in forestry and wood industry Petr Sladek; Jindrich Neruda
Quantitative and financial confrontation of electronic roundlog acceptance between harvester and measuring frame Kesat Jiri Dvorak; Pavia Rusnakova
The grow-in and growth of pine and spruce container seedlings in the site type Hylocomiosa growing conditions Janis Liepa
Blue stain on Norway spruce – Quality loss and effect on the storage time Klaus Friedl
The digitized data management supported by modern technology on the Greek forest conditions Vasileios C. Drosos
Wood chipping service: an analysis approach in Northeastern Italy Raffaele Cavalli; Beatrice Emer; Stefano Grigolato; Luca Zuccoli Bergomi
Biomass chipping operations: cases study in Tuscany (Central Italy) Francesco Neri; Franco Piegai
Analysis of full mechanized wood chips harvesting process in the young thinning stands Tadeusz Moskalik
Designing and Testing a Small-Scale Biomass Harvesting System in the Eastern United States Brandon S. O’Neal; Tom V. Gallagher
Methodologies for setting timber harvesting rates Rien J. M. Visser
State and problems of the system for machinery repair service in Bulgarian forestry Georgi Tasev; Dinko Dinev
Forest stand disruption by fully mechanized logging systems in spruce stands Radek Jirousek; Radomir Klvac; Stanislav Liska
Forest utilisation features in alpine parts of Italy and Slovenia Raffaele Cavalli; Bostjan Kosir
Opening up the Romanian forests: Presents and perspectives Eugen Iordache
Determination of the impact of selected logging technologies on the tree damage level in thinned mountain stands Janusz M. Sowa; Arakdiusz Stanczykiewicz
Multilingual web based dictionary for FORMEC Stefka Kitanova; Ivailo Markoff