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45th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation: “Forest engineering: Concern, Knowledge and Accountability in Today's Enviroment”, October, 2012 in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Author(s) Title
Karl Stampfer State of the Art and Challenges in Modelling and Simulation of Wood Chip Supply Chains
Hans R. Heinimann Life Cycle Assessment LCA in Forestry-State and Perspectives
Raffaele Cavalli Prospcts of Research on Cable Logging in the Forest Engineering Community
Marijan Šušnjar, Milan Oršanić, Tibor Pentek, Tomislav Poršinsky, Mario Šporčić Recent Challenges of Forest Engineering Academic Education
Ivan Hodić, Danko Kuric Croatian Forests Ltd. – Successful in Fulfilling its Mission
Emmanuel Cacot, David Peuch, Adrien Arraiolos, Philippe Ruch, Paul Magaud Online Database for Harvesters and Forwarders Productivities: Used Methods and Results
Jurij Beguš, Janez Krč Ways in Introducing Modern Technologies in Slovenian Forests with the Emphasis on Logging by Harvester and Forwarder
Yuri Gerasimov, Alexander Seliverstov, Vladimir Syunev Industrial Round-wood Damage and Operational Efficiency Losses Associated with the Maintenance of the Delimbing and Feeding Mechanisms of a Single-grip Harvester
Jiří Dvořák, Pavel Natov Surface Use of Harvester Technology in the Forest Management in the Czech Republic
Ola Lindroos, Iwan Wästerlund Field Study of a Forwarder Trailer Concept – Lower Cost and Fuel Consumption at Long Distances
Eric R. Labelle, Dirk Jaeger Quantifying the Use of Brush Mats in Reducing Forwarder Surface Contact Pressure
Tomislav Poršinsky, Andreja Đuka, Igor Stankić Ecoefficient Timber Forwarding on Gley Soils
Miroslav Kleibl, Radomir Klvac, Josef Pohoraly Strip Road Compaction Caused by Logging Technology (Measured by Penetrologger and Deflectometer)
Marko Zorić, Zdravko Pandur, Dubravko Horvat, Marijan Šušnjar, Ivan Perković Evaluation of Forwarder Multipassing on Soil Compaction
Sima Mohtashami, Isabelle Bergkvist, Johan Sonesson, Magnus Thor GIS Decision Support Tools to Minimize Soil and Water Damage in Logging Operations - Swedish Case Studies Show Great Potential
Dirk Jäger, Eric R. Labelle, Ben J. Poltorak Soil Disturbance by Off-Road Traffic of Forwarders; Magnitude, Persistence and Mitigation
Željko Tomašić, Marijan Šušnjar, Dubravko Horvat Cooperation of Croatian Forestry Science and Practice in Development of Forest Engineering Sector
Majid Lotfalian, Mohammad Hejazian, Elham Fazelishahroudi, Kambiz Barari Forest Engineering in Iran; Background, Education and Looking Forward Ten Years
Milivoj Franjević, Tomislav Poršinsky, Boris Hrašovec Oak Timber Protection from Ambrosia Bark Beetles in FSC Certified Forests and its Integration within Logging Operations
Ivica Tikvić, Damir Ugarković, Zrinka Kobasić Ecophysiological Disturbances of Mycorrhiza Caused by the Application of Forest Operations in Forest Ecosystems – Review
Sattar Ezzati, Abolfazl Jaafari, Akbar Najafi Natural Recovery of Soil Properties on Steep-Slope Skid Trail Post Logging of Fagus Orientalis Lipsky Forest Northern, Iran
Vasileios C. Drosos, Rigas A. Giovannopoulos, Sarantis A. Liampa Sustainable Development of Greek Mountainous Forest Operations Using Digital Terrain Models
Gerald Bohrn, Karl Stampfer Untreated Wood Ash as a Structural Stabilizing Material in Forest Roads
Raffaele Cavalli, Stefano Grigolato, Andrea Sgarbossa Assessment of Work Quality of a Combined Saw and Splitter Processor
Mathew Smidt, John McDaniel Utilization, Cost, and Landowner Return from Whole-Tree Chipping Young Loblolly Pine Thinnings
Nike Krajnc, Matevž Triplat, Jaka Klun, Robert Robek, Tine Premrl, Tina Čebul, Mitja Piškur Different Aspects of Green Wood Chips Production - Case Study from Slovenia
Juha Laitila, Kari Väätäinen Truck Transportation and Chipping Productivity of Whole Trees and Delimbed Energy Wood in Finland
Alessio Facello, Eugenio Cavallo, Raffaele Spinelli Chipping vs Grinding, Net Energy Requirements
Karin Westlund, Petrus Jönsson, Sten Bergstrand, Erik Steinmetz Evaluation of Navigation Satellite Systems for Forestry and its Precision in a Forest Environment
Tetsuhiko Yoshimura Improvement of Autonomous GPS Accuracy with the Crisscross Arrangement of Low-cost GPS Receivers
Raffaele Spinelli, Natascia Magagnotti, Fabio De Francesco Comparing a High-speed Forwarder with a Tractor-and-Trailer Unit Using Commercial GPS/GSM Technology
Ivan Balenović, Ante Seletković, Renata Pernar, Hrvoje Marjanović, Dijana Vuletić, Miroslav Benko Comparison of Classical Terrestrial and Photogrammetric Method in Creating Management Division
Hans Rudolf Heinimann, Jochen Breschan Pre-harvest Assessment Based on LiDAR Data
Maria Iwarsson Wide What, How and When to Harvest in Young Dense Stands
Maryse Bigot, Philippe Ruch, Emmanuel Cacot, Alain Bouvet, Erwin Ulrich, Didier Pischedda Test of Mechanized Logging Systems in First Thinnings of Oak and Beech Stands
Ester Ferrari, Raffaele Spinelli, Eugenio Cavallo Mechanized CTL Technology among Italian Loggers: Results of a Survey
Jacek Brzózko, Witold Zychowicz, Magdalena Bartosiewicz The Influence of Operator Experience on Productivity of Mechanized Timber Harvesting from Windfall Stands
Christian Knobloch, Jörn Erler Engineering and Stiffness-Weight-Optimisation of the Main Innovative Part of the Portalharvester - The Linking Bridge - Using FEM
Gero Becker, Florian Schnaible, Uwe Uhlich Compression Behavior of Forest Residues from Spruce Thinnings - A Pre-study for the Design of Volume-Optimized Transport Solutions for Energy Wood
Fionnuala Murphy, Ger Devlin, Kevin McDonnell Energy Requirements and Environmental Impacts Associated with the Production of Short Rotation Willow (Salix sp.) Chip in Ireland
Janine Schweier, Raffaele Spinelli, Fabio De Francesco, Gero Becker Alternative Biomass Supply Chains for Biomass Plantations with Medium Rotation Periods
Kaspars Liepiņš, Andis Lazdiņš, Prindulis Uldis, Jānis Liepiņš, Daugaviete Mudrīte Case Study: Extraction Woody Biomass in Thinning Natural Origin Young Stands of Silver Birch
Milorad Danilović, Ivan Tomašević, Slavica Karić, Vladimir Čorbić Utilization of Forest Residue in Poplar Plantations
Oğuz Hüseyin Çoban, Mehmet Eker Using Geographic Information System for Estimation of Available Biomass Potential
Pierre Ackerman, Reino Pulkki Fibre Losses along the Roundwood Softwood Sawtimber Supply Chain in South Africa
Benjamin Engler, Dirk Jäger, Gero Becker Analysis of Semi-mechanized Harvesting Systems in Eucalyptus Plantations in Southern China
Arisa Matsuno, Koichiro Koike Tower Yarders, not Suitable to Japan? Technology Transfer is Still Going On
Stelian Alexandru Borz, Marcian Bîrda, Eugen Iordache, Rudolf Derczeni Time Consumption and Productivity of Mounty 4100 PTY in Timber Processing – A Case Study in Spruce Thinning
Selcuk Gumus, Taha Yasin Hatay, Mustafa Acar, Mimar Sinan Ozkaya A Skyline Yarder Model Design Approach for Turkish Forestry
Jurij Marenče Better Knowledge and Up-to-date Equipment Also among the Private Forest Owners?
Jori Uusitalo, Tomi Kaakkurivaara, Maarit Haavisto Utilising Airborne Laser Scanning Technology in Predicting Bearing Capacity of Peatland Forest
Gunnar Bygdén, Iwan Wästerlund Cost and Soil Saving with Better Equipment and Planning
Thomas Purfürst Stress Reachtion Model of Machine Soil Interaction
Martina Cambi, Donatella Paffetti, Cristina Vettori, Martina Pettenuzzo, Enrico Marchi Impact of Forest Harvesting on Soil Microbiological Component
Madura Wijekoon, Ulf Sellgren, Abdurasul Pirnazarov, Björn Löfgren Forest Machine Tire-Soil Interaction
Kenan Melemez, Metin Tunay, Tuna Emir Investigation of Some Extraction Methods in Terms of Damages on Forest Stand
Vlado Goglia, Josip Žgela, Igor Đukić Harvesting System Efficiency in Relation to Directive 2002/44/EC
Valéria Messingerová, Martin Jankovský, Michal Ferenčík, Michal Allman Ergonomic Parameters of Tasks Performed by Forest Machines Operators
Natascia Magagnotti, Raffaele Spinelli, Cecilia Nannicini, Gianfranco Sciarra Determining the Exposure of Chipper Operators to Wood Dust
Enrico Marchi, Martina Cambi, Francesco Neri, Fabio Fabiano, Gianfranco Sciarra Tree Cutters’ Hard Wood Dust and Exhaust Gases Exposure. A Case Study in Tuscany
Zdravko Pandur, Dubravko Horvat, Marijan Šušnjar, Marko Zorić, Zoran Hat Forces Required for Pulling Out a Winch Steel Cable and Physical Load of Choker-man
Christian Rottensteiner, Petros Tsioras, Karl Stampfer Wood Density’s Impact on Hand-arm Vibration
Stefano Grigolato, Marta Ciesa, Raffaele Cavalli, Marco Pellegrini Trails as Accessibility Management Tools in Mountain Areas
Adrian Enache, Karl Stampfer, Valentina D. Ciobanu A Holistic Approach for Enhancing Primary and Secondary Forest Infrastructure Used for the Development of a Forest Operations Plan - A Case Study in a Romanian Private Forest Enterprise
Abdullah E. Akay, Kosmas Doukas, Orhan Erdaş, Hakan Oğuz, Fatih Sivrikaya Using GIS Techniques to Determine Fire Protection Zones Considering Forest Road Network
Pejman Imani, Akbar Najafi, Ismael Ghajar Planning Forest Road Alignment Using a Shortest Path Algorithm
Seyed Ataollah Hosseini, Ahmad Agh, Majid Lotfalian, Mohammad Reza Pourmajidian Road Network Planning Investigation with Consideration of Valuating Some Effective Factors (Case study: District 3 of Tavir Forest in Golestan Province)
Patrick Jernigan, Tom Gallagher, Dana Mitchell High Tonnage Harvesting and Skidding for Loblolly Pine Energy Plantations
Udo Hans Sauter, Fridolin Sauter, Franziska Balle, Siegmar Lelek, Rainer Mohrlok Motor-manual Harvesting System for Large Dimensioned Timber (LDT) on Steep Slopes Supported by Skidders Equipped with a Traction Stabilising Winch
Dinko Vusić, Željko Zečić, Zoran Turk Productivity of Chainsaw Felling and Processing in Selective Forests of Croatia
Nopparat Manavakun Motor-manual CTL Harvesting Techniques of Fast Growing Eucalyptus Plantations – Thailand
Tolga Ozturk Timber Extraction with a Modified Farm Tractor in Blacksea Region of Turkey
Nikooy Mehrdad, Ershadifar Moona Effects of Skid Trail Planning, Landing Construction and Directional Felling on Normal Selective Logging in Caspian Forest
Martin Kühmaier, Karl Stampfer Development of a Multi-criteria Decision Support Tool for Energy Wood Supply Management
Mauricio Acuna, Anttila Perttu, Lauri Sikanen, Prinz Robert, Antti Asikainen Predicting and Controlling Moisture Content to Optimise Biomass Logistics and Transportation
Stjepan Risović, Branimir Šafran, Danijel Kramar Production and Market of Pellets in Croatia – Latest Trends and Challenges
Mehmet Eker Trends on Woody Biomass Utilization and Timber Procurement in Turkish Forestry
Imre Czupy, Andrea Vágvölgyi, Béla Horváth The Biomass Production and its Technical Background in Hungary
Lyubcho Trichkov, Dinko Dinev Potential of Forest Wood Biomass in Bulgaria and Market for its Utilization
Hans Ulrich Dietz, Ute Seeling Cost Efficient Harvesting Methods under Wet Soil Conditions in North Eastern Germany
Manuel Wächter, Jörn Erler Income Effects of Harvesting
Staffan Berg, Rolf Björheden The Use of Sustainability Assessment of the Harvesting and Utilisation of Forest-based Biofuels
Mario Šporčić, Ivan Martinić, Matija Landekić Evaluation and Comparison of Ecological Efficiency of the Forest Company Productive Units
David Rosenbach, Günther Weise, Ute Seeling Saving Fuel in the Operation of Forest Machinery
Florian Schnaible, Gero Becker, Uwe Uhlich Wheel Load Changes at Boogie Axis Forest Machines in Response to Traction Forces
Franz Holzleitner, Christian Kanzian, Norbert Höller Monitoring Fuel Wood Supply with Fleet Manager
Amanda Sosa, Ger Devlin, Radomir Klvac Improving Roundwood Haulage Supply Chain through Optimising Volume Transported Under Ireland's Vehicle Legal Dimension and Weight Restrictions
Damir Klobučar, Igor Stankić, Tomislav Poršinsky Optimization of Timber Forwarding from Pedunculate Oak Stands after Salvage Thinning
Thomas Smaltschinski, Martin Opferkuch Clustering Forest Harvest Stands on Spatial Networks
Marco Manzone, Paolo Balsari Evaluation of the Performances of Some Vehicles for Wood Chips Transport
Hrvoje Nevečerel, Tomislav Ecimović, Dragutin Pičman, Ivica Papa, Kruno Lepoglavec, Tibor Pentek Analyses of Construction and Maintenance Costs of Forest Transportation System in Croatian State Forests Between 2004 and 2011
Anastasia Stergiadou, Eskioglou Panagiotis Forest Road Construction Using Rubber Pieces as an Improving Infrastructure in Cold; Lead for a Mountainous Sustainable Development
Markó Gergely, Péter Primusz, József Péterfalvi Measuring Bearing Capacity of Forest Roads with the Advanced Benkelman Beam Apparatus
Naghdi Ramin, Maleki Soghra, Abdi Ehsan, Nikooy Mehrdad Forest Road Stabilization Using Bioengineering Methods in Caspian Forest, Iran
Tibor Pentek, Igor Potočnik, Zlatko Jurišić, Kruno Lepoglavec Strategic Planning of Forest Road Network in Croatia – Analysis of Present Situation as Basis for Future Activities