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47th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation: “Forest engineering: propelling the forest value chain”, September 23-26, 2014 in Gerardmer, France.

Author(s) Title
Aalmo Giovanna, Ottaviani; Baardsen Sjur Environmental Factors Affecting Technical Efficiency in Norwegian Steep Terrain
Acuna, Mauricio Integrated transportation tools to optimise timber and biomass supply logistics
Akay, Abdullah E.; Azad Haji Kakol, Aso Forest Transportation Planning by using GIS-based Decision Support System
Akay, Abdullah E.; Gulci, Nese; Gulci, Sercan A Chute System Integrated with Mobile Winch and Synthetic Rope to Extract Logs in Mountainous Regions
Akgul, Mustafa Using 3D Real Time Cad Applications in New Road Planning and Reengineering Applications
Altunel, Arif Oguz; Sakici, Oytun Emre; Aricak, Burak; Ozer, Cigdem The Effectiveness of Topographic Earth Representations in Forest Engineering
Amir Mohammad Abdolahian Sohi Assessing Systematical Framework in Forest Products Supply Chain to Sustain Forest Industry
Aricak, Burak; Acar, H.; Altunel, Arif Oguz; Kurtipek, Adem; Enez, Korhan How to Effectively Set up Cable Yarding Corridors: A Case Study of Central Turkish Example
Arif Oguz, Altunel; Tayyibe, Altunel; Korhan, Enez; Burak, Aricak Cable yarding potential and its current share in Turkish logging
Arlinger, John; Möller, Johan J. Time studies based on automatic data collection
Asmoarp, Victor Evaluation of terminal strategies by flow optimization
Athanassiadis, Dimitris Enström, Johanna; Öhman, Mikael; Grönlund, Örjan Success factors for larger forest fuel terminals
Baker, Shawn; Greene, Dale UGA Logging Cost Index: A Measure of Southern US Timber Harvesting Costs
Baker, Shawn; Greene, Dale Logging Capacity Impacts to the US South, 2006-2012
Belbo, Helmer; Talbot, Bruce Systems comparison of 10 supply chains for whole tree chips.
Berg, Simon; Nordfjell, Tomas; Nurmi, Juha Ground disturbance and diameters of roots at breakage points after stump harvesting
Bergsten, Urban; Hedblom, Maria Answering future specific challenges in harvesting – Views of design students
Bergström, Dan; Di Fulvio, Fulvio The effect of implementing innovative harvesting and handling technologies for young dense thinning on the cost and energy efficiency of supply systems
Bilot, Nicolas; Fournier, Meriem; Wernsdörfer, Holger; Rogaume, Yann Simulation of forest energy chips provision chain from the stand to the heating plant – Characterisation of the energy efficienc
Birger, Vennesland; Skagestad, Eva; Erlend, Nybakk Importance of Internal and External Factors for Forest Contractors in Norway - The Manager’s View
Bjerketvedt, Jan Forest Road Standard Registration
Bohrn, G.; Stampfer, K.; Huber, C. Application of fertilizer spreaders for wood ash utilization
Borchert; Huber; Goettlein; Kremer Nutriment concentration on skid trails under brushmats: is a redistribution of nutriments possible?
Borz, Stelian Alexandru; Popa, Bogdan; Ignea, Gheorghe; Sparchez, Gheorghe Estimating the Time Consumption and Productivity of Round Wood Skidding in Group Shelterwood Cuttings – A Case Study in a
Boston, Kevin Subgrade Strength Recovery in Forest Roads in Oregon
Bouvet, Alain; Penz, Bernard Logistics optimization of a biomass supply chain
Brodbeck, Frank; Sauter, Udo Hans An information platform for forest harvesting technologies and working methods as decision support system for practitioners
Canga, Elena; Sánchez-García, Sandra; Prado, Enrique; Majada, Juan Productivity and cost analysis of a wheeled skidder in chestnut coppice forests in the north of spain. Preliminary evaluation of t
Carrette, Thomas; Ginet, Christophe Wood transport qualification to anticipate regulatory constraints
Chakroun, Mahmoud; Cacot, Emmanuel Using systematic innovation to develop a new hardwood harvesting tool
Chung, Woodam Forest Ecosystem Management Issues and Opportunities in the United States
Çoban, H.; Eker, M. GIS Based Strategy on Timber Transportation System in Mountainous Forest Regions
Collet, Catherine Mechanical tools for site preparation in forest plantation: networks of field sites for evaluating and promoting innovative methods!
Corbic, Vladimir; Klvac, Radomir; Stojnic, Dusan Method of investigation towards better forest fires risk management due to the improved forest biomass utilization
Cornillier, Claire; Ruch, Philippe Life Cycle Assessment of woody biomass from energy crops
Dees, Matthias; Jessup, Eric Feasibility of Adapting Existing Forestry Practices for Improved Biomass Production
Devemy, Céline; Dargnat, Guillaume; Hatton, Benjamin; Goubet, David; Perriguey, Nicolas; Chebab, Zine Elabidine; Fauroux, Jean-Christophe; Gagnol, Vincent; Bouzgarrou, Belhassen-Chedli; Gogu, Grigore Determination and optimization of delimbing forces on hardwood heads
Dodson, Elizabeth; Greene, Dale; Baker, Shawn; Hayes, Steve Logging Cost Indices for the United States
Drosos, Vasileios C. Environmental effects of forest operations on a suburban forest landscape – a forest engineering approach
Drosos, Vasileios C. Analysis of existing road network in order to plan and configure a rationally managed one in Greek mountainous area
Ðuka, Andreja; Poršinsky, Tomislav; Pentek, Tibor; Šporcic, Mario Influence of Prescribed Method of Roundwood Scaling on Forwarder Efficiency
Dursun, Ersin; Acar, Hulusi; Göksu, Özgür Reconstruction of the forest road network model in the conversion of the coppice companies to high forest enterprises
Eker Mehmet; Önal, Yunus Emre Life cycle analysis for technology selection in timber harvesting
Eliasson, Lars; Lombardini, Carolina; Widinghoff, Jenny Efficient chip supply systems improve chipper utilisation
Eliasson, Lars; von Hofsten, Henrik; Spinelli, Raffaele; Johannesson, Tomas Effects of sieve size on chipper productivity, fuel consumption and chip size distribution for open drum chippers
Emeyriat, Richard; Cloarec, Sébastien; Husson, Henri; Liarçou, Jean-Raymond; Moreau, Jérôme Harvesting of heart stumps from Poplar and Maritime Pine forest in South West France
Enache, Adrian; Stampfer, Karl; Talbot, Bruce; Bjerketvedt, Jan Assessment of environmental performance and cost analysis of forest roads due to construction, maintenance and utilization – case st
Erber, Gernot Fuelwood moisture content management through meteorological data based modelling
Erdem, Ramazan; Altunel, Arif Oguz; Erdin, Kadir The Comparison of different GPS devices in Turkish forestry practices
Erlandsson, Emanuel; Lidestav, Gun; Fjeld, Dag Consequences of Varying Industrial Contexts on Procurement and Management of Logging Services: Comparisons Between two Swedish Forest Companies
Ersson, Back Tomas; Jundén, Linus; Lindh, Mattias; Bergsten, Urban Simulated Productivity of Conceptual, Multi-Headed Tree Planting Devices
Fabbe-Costes, Nathalie Collaborative logistics: improving business relationships and supply chain visibility to propel the forest value chain
Favreau, Jean Improved trucking logistics in Canada: Great savings but limited uptake
Federico Ezequiel Báez Morandi Multi-objective optimization and performance evaluation of chassis suspensions for forest machines
Fernandez-Lacruz, R.; Di Fulvio, F.; Athanassiadis, D.; Bergström, D.; Nordfjell, T. Biomass potential from young-dense stands in Sweden and road hauling to industries
Fjeld; Erikson; Frisk; Lemieux; Marrier; Rönnqvist University training for industrial wood supply
Förster, Christina Building models with the simulation software Witness.
Fridh, Lars; Eliasson, Lars An accurate and fast method for moisture content determination.
Frisk, Mikael; Rönnqvist, Mikael; Flisberg, Patrik; Andersson, Gert Optimized scheduling of harvesting teams
Fründ, H.C.; Averdiek, A.; Kohn, C.; Müller-Inkmann, M.; Hemker, O.; von Dressler, H.; Gaertig, T. Skidding tracks as forest infrastructure – promoting natural regeneration processes with regard to
Gallagher, Tom; Leite de Souza, Daniel P.; Smidt, Mathew; McDonald, Tim; Mitchell, Dana; Wright, Jeff Determining the impact of felling method and time of the year on coppice regeneration
Garland, John J. The Limiting Factor in North American Forest Operations: A Skilled Workforce
Ge Xiaowen; Wang Lihai; Bao Zhenyu; Sun Tianyong Comparative analysis of four estimation methods of stand volume and different staged measurement and analysis of sub-compartment output volume in Eu
Ghaffariyan, Mohammad Reza; Acuna, Mauricio; Brown, Mark Biomass harvesting residue supply chain optimisation and verifying the effect of major parameters affecting the supply chain cost in Western
Ghajar Ismael; Naghdi Ramin; Nikooy Mehrdad; Yousefifard Sepideh Mathematical Time Prediction Models of Loader HSM 904 Using Multiple Linear Regressions (MLR) and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Sy
Gilanipour Najibeh, Najafi Akbar; Heshmatolvaezin Seyed Mehdi Optimum combination of animal and farm tractor skidding systems in log removing
Gingras, Jean-François; Castonguay, Martin; Favreau, Jean Monitoring forest supply chains in remote areas using FPInnovations’ FPSuite platform
Goutal-Pousse, Noémie; Bonnaud, Pascal; Demaison, Jerôme; Nourrisson, Gilles; George, Pascal; Ranger, Jacques Soil compaction on two sensitive sites in north-eastern France and natural or assisted
Grayson, Lindsay; Keefe, Robert Development and Validation of a Physically Based Forest Operations Model
Grigolato, Stefano; Poje, Anton; Pellegrini, Marco; Potocnik, Igor; Cavalli, Raffaele Analyzing forwarder operation by consumer-grade GPS in mountainous conditions
Grigolato, Stefano; Sgarbossa, Andrea; Zanetti, Michela; Cosola, Giulio; Cavalli, Raffaele Wood chips characterization for small boiler in the Italy
Grönlund, Örjan; Iwarsson, Wide Maria; Englund, Martin Using a harvester simulator to evaluate work methods in thinning
Häggström, Carola; Englund, Martin; Lindroos, Ola; Lidestav Gun Eye-tracking as a research tool to analyse work conducted by harvester operators
Hoffmann, Stephan; Schoenherr, Siegmar; Jaeger, Dirk; Engler, Benjamin Benefits of varying cable yarding technologies with respect to specific timber harvesting and extraction needs in Southern Chi
Irdla, Marek; Padari, Allar; Muiste, Peeter The logistics of wood chips in Estonian conditions - a case study
Ismoilov, Abbos; Sellgren, Ulf; Andersson, Kjell A concept study of a four-wheeled forestry machine with active pendulum axels operatin on soft and rough soil
Jaafari, Abolfazl; Najafi, Akbar Spatial prediction of slope failure in the Caspian forest using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system and GIS
Jaeger, Dirk; Opferkuch, Martin Improved wood delivery by new scaling methods of log piles
Jessup, Eric; Walkiewicz, Juliana; Dees, Matthias BioGas Woodchip Drying Innovation for Reduced Bioenergy Production Cost
Keefe, Robert Design of the phase two portable rail project track: a new system to minimize site disturbance in specialized forest operations and recreational applications
Keefe, Robert; Grayson, Lindsay Applications of multi transmitter GPS-VHF in forest operations
Kenan, Melemez; Metin, Tunay; Tuna, Emir An evaluation on whole-body vibration affecting tractor and truck operators
Klvac, Radomir; Kleibl, Miroslav; Tsioras, Petros; Cesek, Tomas Evapo-transpiration as an accelerating tool for seasoning – A case study
Knobloch, Christian; Jacobs, Christian Innovative concept of a forwarding system for considerate treatment of forest soil and improved efficiency
Kosir, Bostjan, Spinelli, Raffaele Forest work studies: who, why, how
Kuptz, Daniel; Hartmann, Hans Energy efficient production of high quality wood chips using energy round wood instead of forest residues
La Hera, Pedro; Ortiz Morales, Daniel; Westerberg, Simon; Lindroos, Ola Analysis of human generated crane motion patterns – towards the automation of forestry manipulators
Laitila, Juha; Väätäinen, Kari The cutting productivity in integrated harvesting of pulpwood and delimbed energy wood with a forestry-equipped peat harvesting tractor
Laitila, Juha; Väätäinen, Kari; Niemistö, Pentti Productivity of multi-tree cutting in thinnings and clear cuttings of downy birch (Betula pubescens) in the integrated harvesting of pulpwood and en
Lamminen, Sami; Väätäinen, Kari; Ala-Ilomäki, Jari; Sirén, Matti; Asikainen, Antti LoggingMap – concept for better planning of logging trail network in rough terrain conditions
Lazdina, Dagnija, Lazdins, Andis Wet and dryned forest site regeneration by mounding in Latvia
Lerma, Victoria; Oliver-Villanueva, Jose Vicente; Segura, Guillem Case study: Comparation of two harvesting methods for bioenergy under Mediterranean conditions
Lideskog Håkan; Karlberg Magnus Automatic clearcut obstacle identification using a time-of-flight camera
Lindeman; Ala-Ilomäki; Uusitalo Possibilities to reduce rut formation in logging operations on unfrozen peatland
Lindroos, Ola; de Hoop, Cornelis N.; Pyles, Marvin R.; Zundel, Pierre; Rickards, Jeremy 25 years of International Journal of Forest Engineering
Lindroos, Ola; Ringdahl, Ola; La Hera, Pedro; Hohnloser, Peter; Hellström, Thomas Estimating the harvester head’s position - a missing link to the future’s precision forestry
Lindroos, Ola; Wadbro, Eddie Scrutiny of factors affecting extraction distances of forwarders
Magagnotti, Natascia; Lombardini, Carolina; Spinelli, Raffaele Comparing CTL with WT harvesting in the thinning of Mediterranean pine plantations
Magaud, Paul Analyze of productivities data’s for cable yarding in the French Alps
Manner, Jussi; Palmroth, Lauri; Lindroos, Ola; Nordfjell, Tomas Forwarding work study with automatic data recording
Matiss Bicevskis and Ivars Kalmuks Non-durable use wood motor roads
Mederski, Piotr S.; Bembenek, Mariusz; Karaszewski, Zbigniew; Gierszewska, Martyna Directing the development of mechanised forest operations to meet changes in Polish forestry
Meek, Philippe; Lussier, Jean-Martin LiDAR Mapping as an Aid to Partial Cutting in Heterogeneous Stands.
Mitchell, Rick; Strandgard, Martin Comparison of harvester time consumption and productivity in Eucalyptus globulus planted and second rotation coppiced plantations in south west Western Australia<
Morillon, Vincent; Bonnemazou, Matthieu ExploTIC: a progressive implementation through training and collective dialogue
Müller Development and Implementation of a Sustainability Performance Improvement Model on Transport and Logistics Chains in the French Forest Based Sector
Murat, Demir Why does not increase the level of forest mechanization in Turkey? Problems, Solutions and Opportunities
Murphy, Glen; Valkenburg, Robert; Ganley, Donal Development of an automated system for counting, measuring and tracking export logs arriving on trucks and railway wagons
Mustonen, Teemu; Tuukkanen, Matti TCS – An operational system for control and optimization of forest biomass logistics
Naghdi, Ramin; Ghajar, Ismael; Abasian, Abdollah Modeling the landslide susceptibility of a mountainous forest using Artificial Neural Network
Nopparat, Manavakun A comparison of OWAS and REBA observational techniques for assessing postural loads in tree felling and processing
Nordfjell, Tomas The technical evolution and market of forwarders in Sweden
Nordhagen, Eirik; Gjølsjø, Simen Wood chip quality
Nordhagen; Gjølsjø; Belbo; Kjøstelsen Recovery of logging residues from final harvest in steep terrain
Öhman, Mikael; Bergsten, Urban; Nordfjell, Tomas; Ågren, Anneli Flexible extra wheel-attachment to decrease ground pressure of a harvester
Öhman, Mikael; Häggström, Carola; Nordfjell, Tomas Active brake-link for faster and safer forwarding
Ozer, Cigdem; Aricak, Burak; Altunel, Arif Oguz; Enez, Korhan A Methodological Approach to the Determination of Forest Roads’ Technical Competence
Ozturk, Tolga Mistake and their results to positioning and sizes of drainage structures at forest roads
Partington, Mark; Gillies, Clayton Achieving successful road performance and reducing the environmental impact of resource roads in wetland environments
Pasemann, Sven; Jacke, Heribert; Hittenbeck, Jörg Influence of wheel load and wheel slip on rutting in forest operations
Pentek, Tibor; Nevecerel, Hrvoje; Poršinsky, Tomislav; Šporcic, Mario; Lepoglavec, Kruno; Papa, Ivica Secondary opening of sloped terrain forests – a GIS study for timber skidding
Perriguey, Nicolas; Chebab, Zine Elabidine; Devemy, Céline; Dargnat, Guillaume; Hatton, Benjamin; Goubet, David; Fauroux, Jean-Christophe; Gagnol, Vincent; Bouzgarrou, Belhassen-Chedli; Gogu, Grigore Harvesting Machines for crooked trees
Péterfalvi; Primusz; Markó; Kosztka Evaluation of the Effect of Lime-Stabilized Subgrade on the Performance of an Experimental Road Pavement
Picchi, Gianni, Huurinainen, Seppo, Gort-Oromi, Jaume, Nolan, Enda, Keane, Enda, Kühmaier, Martin, De Amicis, Raffaele Project SLOPE: introducing new technologies in mountain forest operations
Picchi, Gianni; Aminti, Giovanni; Spinelli, Raffaele A harvesting system for agricultural woody crops at plantation removal
Picchi, Gianni; Spinelli, Raffaele; Giorgio Ragaglini A new machine for the extraction of SRC stumps for biomass production
Pierzchala, Marek; Talbot, Bruce; Astrup, Rasmus Estimating soil displacement in skid trail construction using stereo-photogrammetry and lidar
Pirnazarov, Abdurasul; Sellgren, Ulf; Löfgren, Björn Review and application of analytical models of forest soil bearing capacity
Röser, Dominik Improving the efficiency of forest biomass supply chains in Canada
Routa, Johanna; Sikanen, Lauri Precision Measurement of Forest Harvesting Residue Moisture Change and Dry Matter Losses by Constant Weight Monitoring
Ruch, Philippe; Ulrich, Erwin; Pischedda, Didier; Montagny, Xavier Mechanized harvesting of big broadleaves crowns
Sääf, Malin; Björheden, Rolf The communication process between contactors and clients
Sánchez-García, Sandra; Prendes, Covadonga; Canga, Elena; Majada, Juan Creation of geodatabase using geographical information systems (gis): its integration in forest road network and application i
Saralecos, Jarred D. Influence of Region, Seasonality, and Species on Weight to Volume Relationships of Commercial Sawlogs in Idaho
Sattar Ezzati; Akbar Najafi Spatial Multi Criteria Decision Making for Estimating Environmental Costs of Road Management Activities
Sauter, Udo Hans; Foeller, Jörg Terrestrial real-time navigation for harvesting machines
Schoenherr, Siegmar; Hoffmann, Stephan; Jaeger, Dirk; Engler, Benjamin Successful training strategies for introducing cable yarding technologies in China
Schulmeyer, Fabian; Hüttl, Karl Survey of forest roadside wood chipping operations in Bavaria
Schweier, Janine; Spinelli, Raffaele; Becker, Gero Analyzing different machines for mechanized harvesting of hardwoods in Italy
Sirén, Matti; Hyvönen, Juha and Surakka, Heikki Tree damage in mechanized uneven-aged selection cuttings
Smidt; Xu; Zhang An assessment of wage and skill level among logging equipment operators in the USA
Sonesson, Johan; Jacobson, Staffan; Eliasson, Lars; Wilhelmsson, Lars; Arlinger, John Forest management systems for increased harvest of small trees for energy purposes.
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Søvde, Nils Egil; Talbot, Bruce; Bjerketvedt, Jan; Pierzchala, Marek Variable extraction cost modelling on high resolution terrain models
Spinelli, Raffaele; Brown, Mark; Giles, Rick; Huxtable, Dan; Laina, Relaño Ruben; Magagnotti, Natascia Biomass production from mallee agroforestry plantations in Western Australia
Spinelli, Raffaele; Magagnotti, Natascia Long term performance of industrial chipping operations
Spong, Ben D.; Grushecky, Shawn T. West Virginia Logger Travel Distance and Wood Supply Zone Opportunities
Šporcic, Mario; Posavec, Stjepan; Landekic, Matija; Pentek, Tibor; Poršinsky, Tomislav Development and Implementation of Innovations in Croatian Forestry
Strandgard, Martin; Mitchell, Rick Monitoring long-term forwarder productivity using onboard computer data
Talbot, Bruce; Aalmo Giovanna, Otttaviani; Stampfer, Karl Productivity and Systems Analysis of an Excavator Based Running Skyline in Two Alternative Working Configurations in Norway
Thor, Magnus Prospects and Challenges for Forest Harvesting technologies in Europe
Turk, Yilmaz Construction Method of Forest Roads in Turkey
Turk, Yilmaz; Gumus, Selcuk; Ural, Tarkan; Eker, Remzi Planning of Forest Roads with Plateia Software
Turkmengil, Taner; Jessup, Eric; Dees, Matthias Improved BioMass Market Efficiency and Price Discovery from Online Auctions
Uusitalo, Jori; Lindeman, Harri; Ala-Ilomäki, Jari Possibilities to predict moisture content of peat soil at the moment of harvest operation
van der Merwe, J-P ; Pulkki, R. E.; Ackerman, P. A.; Längin, D. The impact of mechanical log surface damage on fibre loss and chip quality when processing Eucalyptus pulpwood using a single-grip
Vélez, Fernando Small and simple technology cable system for logging
Visser, Rien; Raymond, Keith; Harrill, Hunter New Developments in Fully Mechanising Steep Terrain Harvesting Operations
Visser, Rien; Tolan, Alex Optimising Harvesting and Processing Operations within the Value Chain
Wang, Jingxin; Hartley, Damon Optimizing Bioenergy Supply Chain Configurations for the Northeastern United States
Westlund, Karin; Jönsson, Petrus; Andersson, Gert; Flisberg, Patrik; Rönnqvist, Mikael Reducing land damages using optimization for efficient logging planning
Wichert, Marcos Insights on the changes operated in forest value-chain management in South America
Widinghoff, Jenny; Fogdestam, Niklas; Löfroth, Claes; HCT vehicles for timber transport in Sweden - Results from the ETTdemo project
Wilhelmsson, Lars; Barth, Andreas; Möller, Johan J.; Arlinger, John; Hedberg, Rikard; Söderman, Ulf A case study on the prediction of detailed product recovery from individual stem profiles based
Yoshida, Mika; Hideo, Sakai Establishment of transportation system of low value wood biomass for the early stage of energy supply
Zoric, Marko, Horvat, Dubravko, Šušnjar, Marijan, Pandur, Zdravko, Galovic, Josip Morphological analysis of chainsaws – useful decision making tool