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Formec Book of Abstracts and Proceedings 2016


49th Symposium on Forest Mechanization -  approved presentations are available for download.

Author(s) Title of Contribution Slides
J.F. Gingras FPInnovations: leading R&D in Canadian forest operations
M. Franjević, B. Hrašovec, T. Poršinsky, A. Đuka Protection of Oak Roundwood in FSC Certified High Forests
O.J. Korpinen, M. Aalto, T. Ranta, P. Venäläinen Evaluation of advanced solutions for wood transportation by road
D. Abbas Forest Operations and Sustainable Supply Chains
J. Oktaba, J. Sadowski, D. Zastocki Legal and Economic Aspects of Private Forestry Enterprise Activities
R. Spinelli, M. Soucy, E. Jessup, N. Magagnotti Characterizing north-Italian logging companies: success factors, obstacles and perspectives
M. Cambi Estimating rutting and soil displacement in skid trails by soil sampling and 3D Structure for Motion (SfM) photogrammetry modelling: first trial in Vallombrosa forest (Italy)
M. Pierzchała, B. Talbot, R. Astrup Measuring Wheel Rutting from Close-Range photogrammetry
J. Uusitalo, H. Lindeman, J. Toivio, M. Siren, J. Ala-Ilomäki Moisture sensitive rutting models for fine-grained mineral soils
S. Pasemann, J. Erler Limits of trafficability on forest soils. Influencing parameters on rutting
W. Sarzyński, T. Moskalik, K. Jodłowski, R. Tomusiak The use of photo-optical systems for measurement of stacked wood
H. Hulusi Acar A new log loading method by portable winch and polyethylene chutes
B. Talbot, M. Pierzchała, J. Bjerketvedt, D. Fjeld Using GPS to measure forwarder work in Norwegian terrain
F. Schulmeyer, E. Dietz, B. Reger, K. Hüttl, H. Borchert Effects of rough delimbing of coniferous crowns on biomass and nutrient exports and the productivity of the forest wood chip production chain
M. Trzcianowska, D. Beaudoin, L. LeBel Wood yard design methodology for improved supply chain performance
J. Uusitalo, O. Ylhäisi Modelling knottiness of Scots pines prior to or concurrently with logging operation
E.R. Labelle, J. Windisch Productivity of a single-grip TimberPro 620 harvester with a LogMax 7000 harvesting head in a beech dominated stand
F. Rinderle, S. Vocilka, A. Hauck, Ch. Hock, M. Dög, U.  Seeling, D. Jaeger, B. Möhring Optimising resource management in forestry through the use of qualified planning times and planning costs for standardised working procedures (RePlan)
M. Kopetzky, U. Seeling, H.U. Dietz ELDATsmart Communication Standard for raised Efficiency in the Wood Supply Chain
K. Spånberg, H. von Hofsten, J. Enström The logistic potential of large chip trucks and chipper truck in a combined system
J.B. Heppelmann, S. Wittkopf, U. Seeling, E.R. Labelle Evaluating the debarking efficiency of modified harvesting heads on European tree species

A. Stańczykiewicz, K. Leszczyński, J.M. Sowa, D. Kulak, G. Szewczyk

The efficiency of timber harvesting using the Hypro 450 processor combined with a farm tractor
K. Kärhä, J. Änäkkälä, O. Hakonen, J.A. Sorsa, T. Palander, T. Räsänen, T. Moilanen, H. Järveläinen, M. Korvenranta Utilization of Manual Bucking in Cutting Softwood Logs in Finland
J. Malinen, M. Räsänen Does order of stems in harvesting count – the effect on bucking outcome when utilizing bucking-to-demand approach
E.R. Labelle, M. Bergen, J. Windisch The effect of quality bucking and automatic bucking on harvesting productivity and product recovery in a pine dominated stand
H.U. Dietz, U. Seeling Making better Use of Harvester Board Computers
G. Svenson, D. Fjeld The impact of road geometry and surface roughness on fuel consumption and travelling speed for Swedish logging trucks
M. Starke, M. Ziesak, D. Rommel, P. Hug An automated detection system for (forest) road conditions
E. BİLİCİ, A.E. AKAY, S.D. ÇANKAL Visual quality assessment of road network within the forested areas
J. Bjerketvedt Use of lignin solution in the road structure to increase the bearing capacity of forest truck roads
B. Kisfaludi, P. Primusz, J. Péterfalvi, P. Csáki, A. Herceg, P.  Kalicz Traffic pattern of a mixed-use forest road in Hungary
A.H. Firouzan, M.H. Abed Studing of Lateral Drains (Waterways and Pipe) In Region of MEKAROUD Forest Roads
W. Stempski, K. Polowy, K. Jabłoński Influence of strip roads on thickness of trees growing in close vicinity
P.S. Mederski, M. Bembenek, A. Karaszewski, K.  Polowy, M. Rosińska, A. Łacka Lowering forwarding costs: calculating decrease in forwarder distance due to lower number of assortments and stand area partition
J. Bjerketvedt, D. Fjeld Implementation challenges for CTI in Norwegian wood supply
M. Aniszewska, A. Gendek, W. Zychowicz Evaluation of selected energy and transport parameters of seed extraction remains
K. Karttunen, M. Aalto, J. Föhr, T. Ranta Future need of forest biomass supply chains at the regional level of South Savo in Finland
D. Fjeld, B. Talbot Time of arrival variation for short-sea shipping of roundwood and chips within the Baltic Sea
J. Oktaba, P. Paschalis-Jakubowicz, D. Zastocki, J.  Sadowski, G. Jednoralski EU Forest Strategy – implications for forest utilization at operational level in Poland
A. Laschi, E. Marchi, C. Foderi, F. Neri Accident analysis in forest operations in an alpine context
W. Nowacka Health and safety forestry machine operators status and point of view
S. Grigolato, A.R. Proto, O. Mologni, G. Zimbalatti, R.  Cavalli Propagation of noise generated by light-lift helicopters in natural environments: a case study in the Italian Alps
G. Szewczyk, J. M. Sowa, J. Dvořák, D. Kulak, A.  Stańczykiewicz, D. Gaj-Gielarowiec The variability in work volition of harvester’s operators
N. Magagnotti, R. Spinelli, M. Brown A new device for reducing crew size and operator workload during log winching operations
E. Kastenholz, J. Morat, U. Seeling Integrative Prevention Concepts for Safety and Health in Forest Operations
B. A. Osindi, Y. Suzuki,J.  Gotou, H. Nagai, Y. Hayata, S.  Yamasaki, T. Yamasaki Assessing the possibility of incorporating Japanese small-scale logging systems into forest operations in Kenya
M. Rosińska, M. Bembenek, Z. Karaszewski, M.  Dąbrowski, P.S. Mederski Impact of harvester engine rotation speed on effectiveness of birch log processing
E. Skagestad, B. Vennesland, D. Fjeld Mapping and comparison of harvesting production management in Norwegian forest owners associations
E. Cacot, J.C. Fauroux, D. Peuch, A. Bouvet, M.  Chakroun New delimbing tool for hardwood trees: feedback on new ribbed knives after one year experience
J. Kocel, K. Jodłowski Private forestry contractors in Poland - current state and development opportunities
D. Fjeld, D. Skjølaas Modeling multimodal transport in Norwegian wood supply
A. Gendek, J. Kikulski, T. Moskalik, T. Nurek, W. Zychowicz Logistic analysis of wood procurement chain from forest to power industry plant
O. Gustavsson, D. Fjeld Simulating mill service levels for combined road and rail transport
M. Kühmaier, C. Huber, G. Pichler Damage to residual stands caused by cable yarding operations in steep terrain
P.A. Tsioras, Z. Karaszewski, D.K. Liamas Wound occurrence analysis and potential wound area damage probability of trees adjacent to skidding trails in Greek beech stands
Z. Karaszewski, A. Noskowiak, M. Bembenek, A. Łacka, P. A. Tsioras, M. Rosińska, P.S. Mederski Assessing loss of plywood due to spike damage from a harvester head
T. Palander, K. Kärhä, S. Tossavainen Airborne Laser Scanning and Gamma Ray Data in Wood Procurement Planning of Peatlands
J. Hittenbeck Contact pressure allocation under bogie axles
Z. Miklašēvičs Investigation and evaluation of the methodology of determination of solid volume according to the stacked volume on roadside, in forwarder and in truck loads for logistics purposes in LATVIA
R. Laina, E. Tolosana, S.J. Herrero Economic and Life Cycle Assessment of integrated wood and chips harvesting from hybrid poplar plantations in the Genil Valley (Spain). Comparison with chips harvesting from Poplar SRCs
J. Routa, L. M. Kolström, J. Ruotsalainen, L. Sikanen Validation of prediction models for estimating moisture content of logging residues during storage
T. Mendel, A. Überreiter, D. Kuptz, H. Hartmann Comparison of Rapid Moisture Content Determination Methods for Wood Chips
U. Flores, D. Jaeger Availability and utilization costs of forest woody biomass for bioenergy in Mexico
M.R. Ghaffariyan, R. Spinelli, N. Magagnotti, M. Brown Integrated biomass harvesting system: A case study in pine plantations in Western Australia
N. Hofmann, T. Mendel, F. Schulmeyer, D. Kuptz, H.  Borchert, H. Hartmann Fuel Quality Changes and Dry Matter Losses during the Storage of Wood Chips. Part 1: Field Trials to Examine the Storage of Wood Chips under Practical Conditions
T. Mendel, D. Kuptz, H. Hartmann Fuel Quality Changes and Substance Losses during the Storage of Wood Chips - Part 2: Container Trials to Examine Wood Chips under Small Scale Conditions
K. Schreiber, D. Kuptz, F. Schulmeyer Economic Analysis of Secondary Fuel Quality Treatment for Wood Chips from Forest Residues
A. Vityi, A. Vágvölgyi, I. Czupy, S. Vinkovics, E. V. Rajczi Tool for surveys on the utilization of non-conventional biomass resources
J. Dvořák Comparison of standing timber sorting with bucking by harvesters
A. Laschi, E. Marchi, S. González-García Environmental assessment of two different logging methods in coppice
G. Erber, A. Haberl, T. Pentek, K. Stampfer Impact of yarding direction and silvicultural treatment on operation performance in whole tree cable yarding – an analysis based on plot level data
R. Jonsson, R. Björheden, P. Jönsson, H. Lundström, J.  Manner Harwarder and harvester-forwarder systems
P. Ruch, X. Montagny, A. Bouvet, E. Ulrich, P. George Mechanized processing of big broadleaved crowns an operational reality
Y. Suzuki, S. Yamasaki, T. Yamasaki, H. Ishigaki Long range Cable Systems in Japan: Succession and Continuous Development to Overcome Terrain and Cost Balance