The Forest Engineering Network


36th International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation: "High Tech Forest Operations for Mountainous Terrain", October 5-9, 2003 in Schlägl, Austria.


Title Author(s)
Modeling steep terrain harvesting risks using GIS Jeffrey ADAMS
A GIS-based interactive Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for SFM-oriented alternative forest harvesting strategies in mountainous terrain Masami SHIBA
Improving automatic grid cell based road route location procedures Hans Rudolf HEINIMANN
An ergonomics checklist on the analysis of occupational accident risk factors Mehmet EKER
Mental stress on harvester operators Christiane BERGER
Residual stand damage caused by mechanized harvesting systems Barbara LIMBECK-LILIENAU
Growth after biomasse revomal during precommercial thinning Hubert STERBA
Comparative study about the impact of wheeled and tracked forest machines on roots Bettina WOLF
Environment impact assessment (E.I.A.) for the evaluation of forest roads in mountainous conditions Vasilios DROSOS
Determining the performance and the environmental impact on forest machines - classification numbers and performance diagrams Günther WEISE
Quantification of environmental performance indicators EPIs for forest roads Hans Rudolf HEINIMANN
Environmental conservation effects of forest roads Hideo SAKAI
Thinning with the Valmet 500T steep-terrain harvester Raffaele SPINELLI
Productivity of single grip harvesters in nature oriented forestry - preliminary results out of standardized longterm data recordings Reinhard PAUSCH
Factors of the efficiency of harvesters and forwarders in logging Jindrich NERUDA
The new Valmet 801 Combi - First operational test results under Central European conditions Ekkehard v. BODELSCHWINGH
Productivity of a tracked excavator-based processor in the North-eastern Italian Alps Raffaele CAVALLI
Documentation and evaluation of vehicle movements in the forest - an element for quality management of machine operations Joachim HAMBERGER
Are forest operations on steep terrain (average of 70 % slope inclination) with wheel mounted forwarders without slippage possible? Friedbert BOMBOSCH
Development of a highly accurate navigation system for forestry vehicles and workers Tetsuhiko YOSHIMURA
Synthetic rope to replace wire rope in mountain logging operations John GARLAND
Technology development as driving force for rationalisation in forest companies Mathias HOESCH
Harvest layout planning for high altitude protection forests Hans Rudolf HEINIMANN
Forest Service Enterprises in the enlarged Europe Werner GROSSE
A case study using by GIS database for determining dimensions of hydraulic construction of forest roads for stream crossing Erhan CALISKAN
The application of satellite images to forest road network layout in turkish forestry Burak ARICAK
A research on the determination of the forest roads groundbase type by terrestrial methods Hulusi ACAR
Evaluation of the social and economic benefits of subsidized forest road developments in Austria Thomas STEINMÜLLER
Soil stabilization with waste of paper industry (WPI) for sub-base of forest roads Habip EROGLU
Building of forest roads database by GPS/GIS techniques for turkish forestry Selcuk GUMUS
Inventory of primary and secondary forest communications by the use of GPS in Croatian mountainous forest Tibor PENTEK