The Forest Engineering Network


All the posters will be available during the whole sysmposium. Additionaly two poster sessions are planned, where all the presenters should be available for discussions. The sessions will be on Monday between 1:30 and 2 pm and on Tuesday between 2 and 2:30 pm.

Posters must be prepared in A0 paper size (841 mm x 1189 mm) in portrait orientation and should be submitted at the registration desk.

Amir Hossein Firouzan; Abed Mahsa Hakimi Comparison of trees biodiversity in excavation and embankment trench of forest roads
Sercan Gulci; Abdullah E. Akay Planning Ecological Passages on Road Networks to Minimize their Environmental Impacts on Wildlife Habitat
H. Hulusi Acar; Asiye Kaya; Saliha Ünver-Okan; Kemal Üḉüncü Evaluation of skidding system by MB Trac 900 forest tractors on steep slope in thinning operations
Habip Eroğlu;  Atakan Öztürk; Ufuk Demirci; Rahmi Yılmaz An investigation of effects of physical damage arising from logging by man power on price of the fir log [Abies nordmanniana (stew.) Spach.]
O. Mologni; S. Grigolato; R. Cavalli Professional capability of forest enterprises in operating cable yarders in the Italian Central Alps
Shigeo Kuramoto; Shigeo Iida; Ikutaro Tsuyama; Rei Fujita; Toru Hashimoto; Shuhei Aizawa; Eriko Ito; Shozo Sasaki Effects of experimental excavator traffic on forest floor vegetation in an Abies sachalinensis plantation in Hokkaido, northern Japan
Evgeniy Tikhomirov; Maksim Bykovskiy The current state and approaches to evaluation of investment attractiveness of timber industry of the Russian Federation
Teodors Blija Soil preparation machinery and deception of the consumers
Hadi Bayati; Akbar Najafi Assessment of Reduced-Impact Logging on Felling Time using Neural Networks 
Hadi Bayati; Akbar Najafi Application of artificial neural network in tree felling time estimation
Nopparat Kaakkurivaara Feasibility study of timber harvesting systems on steep terrain in Thailand
Abdullah Emin Akay; Barzan Sabah Aziz GIS-Based Forest Road Network Model for Forest Protection Purposes
Andrea R. Proto; C. Marcianò; V. Carè; G. Menguzzato; M. Negri A model for the optimization of forest wood chips supply chain in Southern Italy
Andrea R. Proto, G. Zimbalatti Risk Assessment of Repetitive Movements in Forestry supply chain
Imre Czupy, Béla Horváth, Andrea Vágvölgyi Dendromass production technology on woody energy plantations
Nadine Karl, Hans-Ulrich Dietz, Ute Seeling SIMWOOD focus study – Sustainable mobilization of wood by dissipating the technical constraints in managing small forests in Germany
Danuta Owoc, Łukasz Podlewski, Lucylla Rutkowska Analysis of physico-mechanical properties of energy willow shoots
Paweł Tylek, Marcin Pietrzykowski, Józef Walczyk, Tadeusz Juliszewski, Dariusz Kwaśniewski, Bartłomiej Woś Recognition of the variability of energy willow root biomass in the aspect of selection of a plantation liquidation technology
Mariusz Kormanek, Mariusz Kępa Analysis of the work performance of timber harvesting with use of Highlander harvester
Attila László Horváth; Mátyás Katalin Szakálosné; Imre Czupy; Béla Horváth Spreading of harvesters in Hungary
Masashi Saito, Keisuke Imasaka, Moriguchi Kai, Totsuhito Ueki Development of forest road network extraction method using a high-resolution DTM
Thomas Carrette , Alain Thivolle-Cazat CARTOMOB: an integrative GIS tool for forest management and logging operations based on LiDAR data
Ramin Naghdi; Ahmad Solgi Contributions of traffic frequency and ground pressure to soil disturbance
Sandra Sánchez-García; Elena Canga Cable skidder productivity in mountain logging operations of Castanea sativa coppice stands in steep sites in Northwest Spain.
Ulises Flores; Dirk Jaeger Socioeconomic and environmental assessment on the sizing of a biomass power plant for the rural development in Mexico
Krzysztof Słowiński Equipment analysis and measurement of machines work parameters using GSM-GPS controllers in  forest nurseries of Southern Poland
Paul Magaud; Alain Bouvet Productivity model and cost estimation for the planning of cable yarding in the French Alps
Ramin Naghdi; Ismael Ghajar; Zahedi Shahriar Sobh Monitoring the changes of flood discharge caused by harvesting operation in a mountainous Hyrcanian forest
Ismael Ghajar; Akbar Najafi Skidding Time Prediction Models of Zetor in a Mountain Forest Using Feed-forward Artificial Neural Network
Ismael Ghajar; Ramin Naghdi Forecasting the Degree of Error in Trees Falling Direction Using Cascade-Forward Artificial Neural Network 
Hadi Bayati; Akbar Najafi Last Application of Artificial Intelligence in Forest Engineering Operations
Aleksandr Laptev; Andrey Makarenko; Maksim Bykovskiy Determining of work efficiency zones for multiprocessor harvesting machine with grapple