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04.10.2015 Registration & Icebreaker [Hotel Courtyard Marriott]
17:00 - 19:00 Registration
19:00 - 21:00 Icebreaker
05.10.2015 Conference Day 1 [Hotel Courtyard Marriott]
08:00 - 09:00 Registration
09:00 - 09:30 Opening – Welcome by: [Room: Dachstein I + II]
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) - Georg Haberhauer
Coordinator, IUFRO Division 3, Forest Operations Engineering - Woodam Chung
Head of Department of Forest and Soil Sciences (BOKU) & Organising Committee - Karl Stampfer
Head of Organising Committee of FORMEC 2016 in Warszawa (Poland) - Tadeusz Moskalik
Head of Organising Committee of FORMEC 2017 in Brașov (Romania) - Stelian Alexandru Borz
09:30 - 10:10 Plenary Session I - [Room: Dachstein I + II]
Moderator: Karl Stampfer
(2 x 20min) Expanding ground-based harvesting onto steep terrain: A review - Rien Visser
Ergonomics and productivity improvements through machine automation - Marko Paakkunainen
10:10 - 10:40 Coffee Break
10:40 - 12:00 Plenary Session II - [Room: Dachstein I + II]
Moderator: Karl Stampfer
(6 x 20min) Teleoperation of harvesting machinery for a safer future - Keith Raymond
Precision farming - Successful examples from agriculture - Andreas Gronauer
Forest road network and pavement engineering revisited - Hans Rudolf Heinimann
Forest road construction - Old wine in new bottles - Thomas Steinmüller
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 - 14:00 Poster Session I [Room: Dachstein Foyer & Feuerkogel]
14:00 - 16:00 Session A1 - [Room: Dachstein I] Session B1 - [Room: Dachstein II] Session C1 - [Room: Mondsee]
Taking on the challenge - Challenges in forestry Doing it Better! - Productivity & efficiency I Dirt track or Boulevard? - Road construction & maintenance
Moderator: Dirk Jaeger Moderator: Natascia Magagnotti Moderator: Eric R. Labelle
(6 x 20min) 1. Critical slope in downhill timber skidding - Andreja Ðuka; Tomislav Poršinsky; Tibor Pentek; Dubravko Horvat 1. Impact of slope on forwarder load size and productivity - Martin Strandgard; Rick Mitchell; Mauricio Acuna 1. Reengineering of Forest Road Networks – Integrated harvest and road network layout planning including road up- or downgrading - Leo Gallus Bont
2. Stock and state of forest machines in Germany - Jörg Hittenbeck 2. Cutting productivity of windfalls in Finland - Kalle Kärhä; Tuomas Anttonen; Teijo Palander; Asko Poikela; Sirkka Keskinen; Ari Laurén; Yrjö Nuutinen; Pekka T. Rajala 2. Forest road network planning: a GIS-based evaluation in Italy - Andrea Laschi; Cristiano Foderi; Enrico Marchi
3. Mechanization of French logging operations: challenges and prospects in 2020 - Emmanuel Cacot; Stephane Grulois; Alain Thivolle-Cazat; Paul Magaud 3. Long log harvesting by harvesters and combination forwarders - Felix Rinderle; Udo Hans Sauter 3. Reconstruction of the forest road network model with linear fuzzy modelling in the conversion of the coppice companies to high forest enterprises - Hulusi H. Acar; Ersin Dursun
4. High resolution forwarding data and evaluation of operator differences by use of TimberLink data - Jussi Manner; Tomas Nordfjell; Ola Lindroos 4. Current practices and efficiency gaps in logging operations from European mountain forests - Adrian Enache; Martin Kühmaier; Rien Visser; Karl Stampfer 4. Technology of paving carriageways of permanently passable forest roads by shedding cover aggregates with the thixotropic mixture - Jindrich Neruda; Radomír Ulrich; Martin Pajkoš; Igor Vecerka; Vera Vrtenová
5. The economic situation of forest contractors in Bavaria - Herbert Borchert; Konstantin Benker 5. Comparing the effectiveness of harvester use for thinning operations in beech and birch stands of 4th age class - Martyna Rosinska; Mariusz Bembenek; Zbigniew Karaszewski; Piotr S. Mederski 5. Maintenance of Macadam Forest Roads in Mountainous Terrain – Case Study for Management Unit “Belevine” - Ivica Papa; Tibor Pentek; Hrvoje Nevecerel; Kruno Lepoglavec; Tomislav Poršinsky; Željko Tomašic
6. Management of outsourced forest harvesting operations for better customer-contractor alignment - Mattias Eriksson; Luc LeBel; Ola Lindroos 6. Effectiveness of selection cutting in Russian Federation - Pavel Kalinin 6. Fly ash for forest road rehabilitation - Tomi Kaakkurivaara; Pauli Kolisoja; Nuutti Vuorimies; Jori Uusitalo
16:00 - 17:45 Free Time
17:00 Guided walk from Hotel Courtyard Marriott to Lentos (Optional)
17:45 Depature at Lentos - MS Kaiserin Elisabeth II - Be on time!
17:45 - 23:00 Welcome Dinner & Boat Trip with MS Kaiserin Elisabeth II
23:00 Arrival at Lentos
06.10.2015 Conference Day 2 [Hotel Courtyard Marriott]
08:00 - 10:00 Session A2 - [Room: Dachstein I] Session B2 - [Room: Dachstein II] Session C2 - [Room: Mondsee]
Down and dirty - Harvesting & soil protection Chopping it down and chopping it up - Bioenergy We need roads to see the trees - Extraction & Transport
Moderator: Tadeusz Moskalik Moderator: Raffaele Spinelli Moderator: Rien Visser
(6 x 20min) 1. Ground pressure is a poor indicator for ecological and technical compatibility - Jörn Erler 1. How drum design can affect chipper performance - Natascia Magagnotti; Raffaele Spinelli; Eugenio Cavallo; Lars Eliasson; Alessio Facello 1. Modular portable composite bridge systems for forest industry applications – review of a research program - Raitis Lacis; Kristaps Gode; Edgars Rudzitis
2. Effects on soil physical characteristics after forwarder passes for logging operations - Martina Cambi; Rodolfo Picchio; Stefano Grigolato; Enrico Marchi 2. Use of synthetic rope in the extraction of stems and whole tree in a radiata pine thinning on steep terrain in the North of Spain - Elena Canga; Sandra Sánchez-García; Alba Fanjul; Juan Majada 2. The estimation of extraction (haulage) distance for forest harvesting using terrain model of 3D Virtual Globe of GoogleEarth® - Selcuk Gumus; Taha Yasin Hatay
3. Assessing the ability of hardwood and softwood brush mats to distribute applied loads - Eric R. Labelle; Dirk Jaeger; Benjamin Poltorak 3. Evaluation of the Flowcut prototype head designed for early, biomass dense, thinnings - Örjan Grönlund; Dan Bergström; Maria Iwarsson; Lars Eliasson 3. Payload management of forestry trucks using different weighing systems in Australia - Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan; Mark Brown
4. Forwarding on soft soils, comparison of rutting with and without wooden bridge sections - Tomas Nordfjell; Alexander Östlund 4. Productivity and cost of harvesting short-rotation birch stands on cut-away peatlands in northern Finland - Paula Jylhä; Dan Bergström 4. Load space utilization of forwarder Valmet 860.4 - Zdravko Pandur; Dubravko Horvat; Marijan Šušnjar; Marko Zoric; Marko Kneževic
5. Automatic wheel load control system as a contribution to improve soil protection and technical trafficability - Florian Schnaible; Dirk Jaeger; Gero Becker 5. Determining the Effects of Felling Method and Season of Year on Coppice Regeneration - Daniel de Souza; Tom Gallagher; Dana Mitchell; Mathew Smidt; Tim McDonald 5. Semi-automated traffic counting method for forest roads - Balázs Kisfaludi; Péter Primusz; József Péterfalvi
  6. Impact of number of stems retained per stool on harvester productivity and fuel consumption in Eucalyptus globulus second rotation coppiced plantations in south west Western Australia - Rick Mitchell; Martin Strandgard; Mauricio Acuna 6. Forest road network planning accordance to single selection silvicultural method and environmental considerations based on AHP method using GIS - Amir Hossein Firouzan; Mahsa Hakimi Abed
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 - 12:30 Session A3 - [Room: Dachstein I] Session B3 - [Room: Dachstein II] Session C3 - [Room: Mondsee]
Doing it even better - Productivity & efficiency II Improving your Bio(energy) - Bioenergy & quality improvement Looking after Mama Nature - Environmental & Human Impacts
Moderator: Hans R. Heinimann Moderator: Keith Raymond Moderator: Jörn Erler
(6 x 20min) 1. Management and evaluation on team logging operation by GPS - efficiency and process improvement - Toshio Nitami 1. Profitability of drying wood chips integrated into fuel wood supply - Jyrki Raitila; Veli-Pekka Heiskanen 1. Influence of wheel load and wheel slip on rutting in forest operations - Sven Pasemann; Jörn Erler; Jörg Hittenbeck
2. Economic analysis of a Eucalyptus globulus stocking and harvesting trial in Western Australia - Mauricio Acuna; John Wiedemann; Martin Strandgard; Rick Mitchell 2. Validation of prediction models for estimating the moisture content of small diameter stem wood - Johanna Routa; Marja Kolström; Johanna Ruotsalainen; Lauri Sikanen 2. Life cycle assessment and techno-economic analysis of energy crops utilization for biofuels in the Northeastern United States - Weiguo Liu; Jingxin Wang
3. Estimating harvester productivities in pine stands of different ages and thinning intensities - Piotr S. Mederski; Mariusz Bembenek; Zbigniew Karaszewski; Agnieszka Lacka; Anna Szczepanska-Álvarez; Martyna Rosinska 3. Effect of sieve size and assortment on wood fuel quality during chipping operations - Kalvis Kons; Dan Bergström; Fulvio Di Fulvio 3. Evaluating the influence of root collar on stump height following mechanized forest operations - Joachim B. Heppelmann; Eric R. Labelle; Johannes Windisch; Herbert Borchert; Fabian Schulmeyer
4. The propose of performance standards for forwarders - Jiri Dvorak; Pavel Natov; Grzegorz Szewczyk; Sadik Caglar 4. Accurate estimation of wood chip volume to increase efficiency in allocating chipper and transport capacities - Fabian Schulmeyer; Karl Hüttl; Herbert Borchert 4. Impact of traditional and arboricultural timber harvesting methods on the extent of damage to natural regeneration in the shelter wood - Tadeusz Moskalik; Rafal Sokulski
5. Selection of debarking technique for Pine logs in cut-to-length harvesting method - Mehmet Eker; Davut Özer 5. Quality and productivity in comminution of small-diameter tree bundles - Yrjö Nuutinen; Matleena Rytkönen; Dan Bergström; Fulvio di Fulvio; Bo Dahlin; Ismo Tiihonen; Aaron Petty 5. Noise and vibration exposure in full-tree logging systems in the Southeastern U.S.A. - Stephanie Lynch; Mathew Smidt; Elizabeth Maples; Richard Sesek
6. Performance evaluation of artificial neural networks to modelling winching time of Timber Jack 450C - Hadi Bayati; Akbar Najafi 6. Effects of moisture content on supply costs and CO2 emissions for an optimized supply network - Christian Kanzian; Martin Kühmaier; Gernot Erber 6. Skidding performance in reduced accessibility conditions - productivity and time consumption - Stelian Alexandru Borz
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 - 14:30 Poster Session II [Room: Dachstein Foyer & Feuerkogel]
14:30 – 16:30 Session A4 - [Room: Dachstein I] Session B4 - [Room: Dachstein II] Session C4 - [Room: Mondsee]
Going places - Improved planning I Getting it there - Wood chip supply chains Flying High - Cable yarding
Moderator: Andreja Đuka Moderator: Tom Gallagher Moderator: Pierre Ackerman
(6 x 20min) 1. Assessment of Winter Harvesting Operation in Mediterranean City of Kahramanmaras in Turkey - Abdullah Emin Akay; Orhan Erdas; Halit Büyüksakalli; Dursun Sakar 1. Main innovation types of forest biomass supply chains - Kalle Karttunen; Juha Laitila; Tapio Ranta 1. An analysis of whole tree harvesting in North Italian cable logging operations - Carolina Lombardini; Fabio De Francesco; Giovanni Aminti
2. Sensor-based, automated monitoring of fully mechanised harvesting processes – including options for automated process control - Martin Ziesak; Daniela Rommel; Stephan Ying; Patrick Preusch 2. A trial to evaluate three harvesting methods in a conifer first thinning in Ireland: cut to length harvesting, integrated harvesting, and whole tree harvesting - Enda Coates; Brian Cronin; Tom Kent 2. „Lowland cable yarder” in four different process variants - Benjamin Engler; Christina Förster; Jörn Erler
3. Evaluation of RFID UHF tags for electronic marking of standing trees - Gianni Picchi; Martin Kühmaier; Juan De Dios Diaz 3. Developing biomass supply systems for forested marginal lands in Sweden - Raul Fernandez-Lacruz; Dan Bergström 3. Efficiency of topping trees in cable yarding operations - Christoph Huber; Karl Stampfer
4. Survival test of RFID UHF tags in timber harvesting operations - Gianni Picchi; Martin Kühmaier; Juan De Dios Diaz 4. The efficiency of the logistics of energy wood procurement chain in the north-eastern Poland - Witold Zychowicz; Arkadiusz Gendek 4. Terrain-going cable yarders: Systems alternatives and conditions for application - Bruce Talbot; Stephan Hoffmann
5. Evaluation of the educational influence on forwarding planning capacity - Ola Lindroos; Emil Brangenfeldt 5. Effects of harvested tree size and density of undergrowth on the operational efficiency of a bundle-harvester system in early fuel wood thinnings - Fulvio Di Fulvio; Dan Bergström; Yrjö Nuutinen 5. Case study of the Active 70 cable yarder in New Zealand plantation forests - Thornton Campbell; Hunter Harrill; Rien Visser
6. SLOPE, a 3D forest virtual system to support harvesting operations in mountain areas - Daniele Magliocchetti; Federico Prandi; Giulio Panizzoni; Davide Lotto; Raffaele De Amicis   6. Evaluation of cable yarding method by means of multi-decision making and GIS in post fire harvesting - Ebru Bilici; Tolga Öztürk; Muhittin Inan
16:30 – 17:00 Coffee Break
17:00 – 19:00 Session A5 - [Room: Dachstein I] Session B5 - [Room: Dachstein II] Session C5 - [Room: Mondsee]
Going even more places - Improved planning II Going the right way - Logistics Not easy on the slopes - Steep terrain
Moderator: Bruce Talbot Moderator: Tomas Nordfjell Moderator: Raffaele Cavalli
(6 x 20min) 1. Computer vision - context aware aided, cable logging process - Marek Pierzchala; Knut Kvaal 1. Optimization and logistics of chip distribution using LiDAR technology and network analysis in a mountainous region of Northern Spain - Sandra Sánchez-García; Miguel Pérez; Covadonga Prendes; Elena Canga 1. Cable logging contract rates in the Alps: the effect of regional variability and technical constraints - Raffaele Spinelli; Rien Visser; Oliver Thees; Hans Udo Sauter; Nike Krajnc; Catherine Riond; Natascia Magagnotti
2. Towards better pre-clearance guideline of undergrowth on first thinnings: Case study Stora Enso Wood Supply Finland - Kalle Kärhä 2. Optimum bucking method for clear-cutting operations in Nasu Forest Owners’ Co-operative, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan - Kazuhiro Aruga; Yoshiko Mizuniwa; Ryo Uemura; Chikara Nakahata 2. Self-charging wireless module for remote monitoring of forest machines - Stefano Grigolato; Francesco Marinello; Andrea Pezzuolo; Sandro Forigo; Luigi Sartori; Raffaele Cavalli
3. Harmonizing measurements from wood harvesting machines to support near real time spatio-temporally enabled dashboards for process control - Manfred Mittlboeck; Johannes Scholz; Ralph Jank 3. ForstInVoice – Optimizing logistics service pattern in fully mechanized harvesting procedure - Björn Urbanke; Hans-Ulrich Dietz; Ute Seeling; Thomas Wehner 3. Yarding with a tethered balloon, a new start in the French Alps - Paul Magaud; Francis De Morogues; Mahmoud Chakroun
4. LiDAR-based forest warehouse concept - Martin Opferkuch 4. Real-time managing of timber and biomass procurement, harvesting and supply based on multiple end-users demands in mountain forests - Seppo Huurinainen 4. Steep-slope timber-harvesting research in Western Canada - Dzhamal Amishev; James Hunt
5. Development and implementation of new features in a route selection and distance measurement system - Gunnar Svenson; Patrik Flisberg; Mikael Rönnqvist 5. Optimizing logistics of saw logs for a medium sized sawmill - Juha Rikala; Kyle Eyvindson; Aaron Petty; Veli-Pekka Kivinen; Bo Dahlin 5. Research of kinematics and dynamics of tracked timber harvesting vehicle running gear - Vladislav Klubnichkin; Evgeny Klubnichkin
6. Terrain evaluation to identify landing locations in mountain areas using soft computation techniques - Sattar Ezzati; Akbar Najafi; Pete Bettinger; Ljusk Ola Eriksson 6. An assessment of the logistics, cost and life cycle of supplying wood products in Tennessee - Dalia Abbas  6. Sensor Based Data Collecting on Motormanual Wood Harvesting Operations - Oliver Thees; Fritz Frutig, Renato Lemm
19:00 - 20:00 Free Time
19:30 Guided walk from Hotel Courtyard Marriott to Josef Brewery (Optional)
20:00 - 23:00 Conference Dinner - [Josef Brewery]
07.10.2015 Field Trip to AUSTROFOMA
  Forest machinery and bioenergy fair [Hochficht:]
08:00 Transfer Hotel Courtyard Marriott - AUSTROFOMA: 8:00
15:30 Transfer AUSTROFOMA - Hotel Hotel Courtyard Marriott: 15:30
18:30 Guided walk from Hotel Courtyard Marriott to Cubus
19:00 - 23:00 Conference Dinner - [Cubus]
08.10.2015 Field Trip to AUSTROFOMA
  Forest machinery and bioenergy fair [Hochficht:]
08:00 Transfer Hotel Courtyard Marriott - AUSTROFOMA: 8:00
15:30 Transfer AUSTROFOMA - Hotel Hotel Courtyard Marriott: 15:30