The Forest Engineering Network


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Conferences are taking place in ETSI Montes, Forestales y Medio Natural site in Ciudad Universitaria s/n.


Organizing Committee has arranged next options to host:

Hotels € per day (B&B) Other
VP Madrid Metropolitano 122
Ice Breaker. Fill Form
Leonardo Madrid Center / Leonardo Boutique Madrid

85  Individual

95  Double

115  Tripe

Closer to city center: Link Code SEPRO3
AC Los Vascos (02/07/2018) 115
Nearest to conference. Link




Organizing Committe: Eduardo Tolosana, Rubén Laina, Yolanda Ambrosio, Víctor González, Santiago Vignote

Scientific Committe: Dr. Mauricio Acuña, Prof. Dr. Raffaele Cavalli, Prof. Dr. Hans Heinimann, Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Moskalik, Dr. Ivica Papa, Prof. Dr. Tibor Pentek, Prof. Dr. Eduardo Tolosana, Prof. Dr. Rienn Visser

Hosting insitution: Forestry School. Technical University of Madrid

Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.