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This year, the FORMEC Special Issue will be produced in cooperation with MDPI, as a Forests Special Issue, titled: “FORMEC/FEC 2023 Special Issue - Improving access to sustainable forest materials in a resource-constrained world”.

This Special Issue will gather a selection of the best research works presented at the International Conference on Forest Mechanization (FORMEC) and Forest Engineering (FEC), held in Florence in September 2023. The Conference has attracted the who’s who of Forest Engineering, covering the largest range of related subjects, including (but not limited to): precision forest operations; digitalization in forest engineering; electrification of forest equipment; steep terrain harvesting; site impacts; safety and ergonomics; equipment selection and management; product quality, grading and tracking; enterprise and labor issues; silviculture and operations management. All the most relevant subjects are featured in this special, with works presented by scientists as well as industry experts, so that multiple perspectives are included to the benefit of a comprehensive coverage.

Those are the subjects of the Special Issue, and the selection of papers presented in it will offer an ideal opportunity for getting updated about the latest developments in forest engineering, now available to all interested parties: scientists, consultants, industry experts, practitioners, government officials and students.

Submission is also open to additional studies not presented to the FORMEC/FEC 2023 Conference, provided that their subject matter is germane to the specific interests of the event, as described right above. However, all submissions arising from a presentation included in FORMEC/FEC 2023 programme will obtain a 50% discount on the Forests’ OA fee.

Submissions will be open from October 1st 2023 to February 28th 2024.

The Special Issue is guest-edited by a strong team of reputed scientists in the discipline, who are listed below:

Dr. Ebru Bilici – Giresun University – Turkyie

Dr. R. Cristan – Auburn University – USA

Dr. B. Eberhard – CNR IBE – Italy

Dr. C. Häggström – SLU – Sweden

Prof. Dr. K. Karha – University of Eastern Finland – Finland

Prof. Dr. E. Marchi – University of Florence - Italy

Dr. O. Mologni – University of British Columbia - Canada

Prof. Dr. T. Nitami – University of Tokyo – Japan

Prof. Dr. R. Spinelli – CNR IBE – Italy (Guest Editor in Chief)

The website of our Special Issue: