The Forest Engineering Network


Symposium programme


Registration & Icebreaker [Hotel Puławska Residence]




Icebreaker [Room: Alfa, Beta, Gamma]


Conference Day 1


Registration  [Krysztalowa Hall WULS SGGW]


Openning ceremony

1. Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz - Head of the Department of Forest Utilization WULS SGGW

2. Tadeusz Moskalik WULS-SGGW – Head of the Organising Committee

3. Michał Zasada – Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, WULS SGGW

4. Karl Stampfer – President  of FORMEC network

5. Stelian A. Borz - Head of the Formec 2017 Organising Committee


Plenary Session 1 - [Krysztalowa Hall WULS SGGW]
Moderator: Karl Stampfer


1. Damian Zieliński - Advisor to General Director of the SF National Forest Holding: Forest management in the Polish State Forests

2. Ponsse company presentation - Witold Urbaniak,  Profesjonalne Maszyny Leśne sp. z o.o, Ponsse dealer

3. Jean-François Gingras: FPInnovations: leading R&D in Canadian forest operations


Coffee Break


Plenary Session 2 - [Krysztalowa Hall WULS SGGW]
Moderator: Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz


1. Hans R. Heinimann: Aerial logging – state and perspectives

2. Tibor Pentek: Planning of primary forest road network on strategic and tactical level – from idea to implementation in operational forestry

3. Robert Rutkowski GeoProhaus Sp. z o.o.: The use of Mobile Mapping System for Geo-Spatio-Temporal Data gathering (outdoor presentation)


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Lunch Break


Technical sessions [Pulawska Residence Hotel]


Session A1 [Room: Alfa]

Challenges in forestry

Moderator: Hubert Dürrstein

Session B1 [Room: Beta]

Road construction & maintenance 1

Moderator: Raffaele Cavalli

Session C1 [Room: Gamma]

Wood supply chains

Moderator: Joern Erler

1. Protection of Oak Roundwood in FSC Certified High Forests. Franjević Milivoj, Hrašovec Boris, Poršinsky Tomislav, Đuka Andreja

1. Operational efficiency and cost of strip road construction in Tochigi prefecture, Japan. Kazuhiro ARUGA, Yoshinori ISHIDA, Ryo UEMURA

1. Carbon footprint of a firewood supply chain in Northern Greece. Petros A. Tsioras

2. Evaluation of advanced solutions for wood transportation by road – a simulation approach. Olli-Jussi Korpinen, Mika Aalto, Pirjo Venäläinen, Tapio Ranta

2. The impact of road geometry and surface roughness on fuel consumption and travelling speed for Swedish logging trucks. Gunnar Svenson, Dag Fjeld

2. Modeling cost reductions for multimodal transport in Norwegian wood supply. Dag Fjeld, Dag Skjølaas

3. Forest Operations and Sustainable Supply Chains. Abbas, Dalia

3. Vehicle-soil interaction - what can you learn from terramechanics? Hans R. Heinimann

3. Logistic analysis of wood chips procurement chain from forest to power industry plants. Arkadiusz Gendek, Jarosław Kikulski, Tadeusz Moskalik, Tomasz Nurek, Witold Zychowicz

4. Legal and economic aspects of private forestry enterprises activities. Jarosław Oktaba, Jarosław Sadowski, Tadeusz  Moskalik, Dariusz Zastocki

4. The construction of forest roads on the low bearing capacity using timber rafts and brushwood mattresses. Rafał Selwakowski, Grzegorz Trzciński, Paweł Kozakiewicz

4. Mapping the effects of rail system configuration on delivery precision, stock levels and lead times in pulpwood supply. Oskar Gustavsson, Dag Fjeld

5. Characterizing north-Italian logging contractors: success factors, obstacles and perspectives. Raffaele Spinelli, Michel Soucy, Eric Jessup, Natascia Magagnotti

5. An automated detection system for (forest) road conditions. Martin Ziesak, Daniela Rommel, Michael Starke

5. Mobilisation by better Information of private Forest Owners in Germany. Ute Seeling, Hans-Ulrich Dietz, Nadine Karl


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Sightseeing of King Jan III's Sobieski Palace at Wilanów


Welcome Dinner [Restaurant Kuźnia Kulturalna]


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Conference Day 2


Poster session [Room: Alfa]


Bus transfer to the Jablonna Forest District


Field trip


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Free time


Conference Day 3


Technical sessions [Pulawska Residence Hotel]


Session A2  [Room: Alfa]

Soil protection

Moderator: Janusz Sowa

Session B2 [Room: Beta]

Road construction & maintenance 2

Moderator: Dirk Jaeger

Session C2 [Room: Gamma]

Environmental Impacts

Moderator: Eduardo Tolosana

1. Estimating rutting and soil displacement in skid trails by soil sampling and 3D Structure for Motion (SfM) photogrammetry modelling: first trial in Vallombrosa forest (Italy). Martina Cambi, Francesca Giannetti, Francesca Bottalico, Gherardo Chirici, Enrico Marchi

1. Visual Quality Assessment of Road Network within the Forested Areas. Abdullah E. AKAY, Ebru BİLİCİ, Şeyma Demet ÇANKAL

1. Damage to residual stands caused by harvesting operations in steep terrain. Martin Kühmaier, Christoph Huber, Gerhard Pichler

2. Measuring wheel ruts with close range photogrammetry. Marek Pierzchała, Bruce Talbot, Rasmus Astrup

2. Use of dust abatement chemicals to reduce sediment production from forest roads. Kevin Boston

2. Wound occurrence analysis and potential wound area damage probability of trees adjacent to skidding roads in Greek beech stands. Petros A. Tsioras, Zbigniew Karaszewski, Diamantis Liamas

3. Moisture sensitive rutting models for fine grain mineral soils. Uusitalo, J.;  Lindeman, H.; Toivio, J., Siren , M. & Ala-Ilomäki, J.

3. Use of lignin solution in the road structure to increase the bearing capacity of forest truck roads. Jan Bjerketvedt

3. Assessing loss of plywood due to spike damage from a harvester head. Zbigniew Karaszewski, Andrzej Noskowiak, Mariusz Bembenek, Agnieszka Łacka, Petros A. Tsioras, Martyna Rosińska, Piotr S. Mederski

4. Limits of trafficability on forest soils. Influencing parameters on rutting. Sven Pasemann, Jörn Erler

4. Traffic pattern of a mixed-use forest road in Hungary. Balázs Kisfaludi, Péter Primusz, József Péterfalvi, Péter Csáki, András Herceg, Péter Kalicz

4. Airborne Laser Scanning and Gamma Ray Data in Wood Procurement Planning of Peatlands. Teijo Palander, Sami Tossavainen, Kalle Kärhä

5. Recovery of soil physical properties from compaction caused by ground based skidding in Hyrcanian forest, Iran. Ramin Naghdi, Ahmad Solgi, Petros A. Tsioras, Mehrdad Nikooy 

5. Investigation Drainge Condition  (Culverts,Channels) and mount water flown in Forest Road of Makarood No, 1 Seri. Amirhosain Firouzan, Ghorbanali Khodaei,  Mahsa Hakimi abed,  Hamid Payam

5. Improvement of bogie tracks for wheeled forestry machines. Vladislav Klubnichkin, Evgeny Klubnichkin

6. The use of photo-optical systems for measurement of stacked wood. Krzysztof Jodlowski, Tadeusz Moskalik, Robert Tomusiak, Wojciech Sarzyński

6. Influence of strip roads on thickness of trees growing in close vicinity . Włodzimierz Stempski, Krzysztof Polowy, Krzysztof Jabłoński

6. Contact Pressure Allocation under Bogie Tracks. Jörg Hittenbeck


Coffee Break


Technical sessions [Pulawska Residence Hotel]


Session A3 [Room: Alfa]

Productivity & efficiency 1

Moderator: Emmanuel Cacot

Session B3 [Room: Beta]

Extraction & Transport

Moderator: Yasushi Suzuki

Session C3 [Room: Gamma]


Moderator: Dalia Abbas

1. A new method for the loading of logs by portable winch and polyethylene chutes. H. Hulusi ACAR

1. Lowering forwarding costs: calculating decrease in forwarder distance due to lower number of assortments and stand area partition. Piotr S. Mederski, Mariusz Bembenek, Zbigniew Karaszewski, Krzysztof Polowy, Martyna Rosińska, Agnieszka Łacka

1. Investigation and evaluation of the methodology of determination of solid volume according to the stacked volume on roadside, in forwarder and in truck loads for logistics purposes in LATVIA. Ziedonis Miklašēvičs

2. Forwarders in tough terrain: some descriptive statistics from Norway. Bruce Talbot, Jan Bjerketvedt, Dag Fjeld, Marek Pierzchala

2. Implementation challenges for CTI in Norwegian wood supply. Jan Bjerketvedt, Dag Fjeld

2. Economic and Life Cycle Assesment of integrated wood and chips harvesting from hybrid poplar plantations in the Genil Valley (Spain). Comparison with chips harvesting from Poplar SRCs. Laina, R.; Herrero, S.J.; San Miguel, G.; Corona, B.; Tolosana, E.

3. Productivity models for harvesting processes – “HeProMo”. Oliver Thees, Fritz Frutig, Dario Pedolin, Renato Lemm

3. Evaluation of selected energy and transport parameters of seed extraction remains. Monika Aniszewska, Arkadiusz Gendek, Witold Zychowicz

3. Validation of prediction models for estimating moisture content of logging residues. Johanna Routa, Marja Kolström, Johanna Ruotsalainen and Lauri Sikanen

4. Effects of Rough Delimbing of Coniferous Crowns on Biomass and Nutrient Exports and the Productivity of the Forest Wood Chip Production Chain. Fabian Schulmeyer, Elke Dietz, Birgit Reger, Karl Hüttl, Herbert Borchert

4. Future need of biomass supply chains at the regional level of South Savo in Finland. Kalle Karttunen, Mika Aalto, Jaro  Föhr, Tapio Ranta

4. Comparison of rapid moisture content determination methods for wood chips. Theresa Mendel, Andreas Überreiter, Daniel Kuptz, Hans Hartmann

5. Wood yard design methodology for improved supply chain performance. Marta Trzcianowska, Daniel Beaudoin, Luc LeBel

5. Time-of-arrival (ToA) variations for maritime shipping of roundwood and chips in the Baltic Sea area . Dag Fjeld, Bruce Talbot

5. Availability and utilization costs of forest woody biomass for bioenergy in Mexico. Ulises Flores, Dirk Jaeger

6. Modelling knottiness of Scots pines prior to logging operations. J. Uusitalo, O. Ylhäisi

6. EU Forest Strategy – implications for forest utilization at operational level in Poland. Jaroslaw Oktaba, Piotr Paschalis, Dariusz Zastocki, Jaroslaw Sadowski, Grzegorz Jednoralski

6. Integrated biomass and timber harvesting in pine plantations in Western Australia. Mohammad Reza Ghaffariyan, Raffaele Spinelli, Natascia Magagnotti, Mark Brown


Lunch Break


Technical sessions [Pulawska Residence Hotel]


Session A4 [Room: Alfa]

Productivity & efficiency 2

Moderator: Bruce Talbot 

Session B4 [Room: Beta]


Moderator: Stelian Alexandru Borz

Session C4 [Room: Gamma]

Bioenergy & quality improvement

Moderator: Raffaele Spinelli

1. Productivity of a single-grip TimberPro 620 harvester with a Log Max 7000 harvesting head in a beech dominated stand. Eric R. Labelle, Johannes Windisch

1. Accident analysis in forest operations in an alpine context. Andrea Laschi, Enrico Marchi, Cristiano Foderi, Francesco Neri 

1. Fuel Quality Changes and Substance Losses during the Storage of Wood Chips - Part 1: Field Trials to Examine the Storage of Wood Chips under Practical Conditions. Nicolas Hofmann, Theresa Mendel, Fabian Schulmeyer, Daniel Kuptz,  Herbert Borchert, Hans Hartmann

2. Optimising resource management in forestry through the use of qualified planning times and planning costs for standardised working procedures (RePlan). Christina Hock, Andrea Hauck, Markus Dög, Bernhard Möhring, Felix Rinderle, Ute Seeling, Dirk Jaeger

2. Health and safety - forestry machine operators status and point of view. Wiesława Ł. Nowacka, Małgorzata Woźnicka, Alicja Gasek

2. Fuel Quality Changes and Substance Losses during the Storage of Wood Chips - Part 2: Container Trials to Examine Wood Chips under Small Scale Conditions. Theresa Mendel, Daniel Kuptz,  Hans Hartmann

3. Lean Communication Standard to raise efficiency of wood procurement in the WSC. M. Kopetzky, H.-U. Dietz, U. Seeling

3. Propagation of noise generated by light-lift helicopters in natural environments: a case study in the Italian Alps.. Stefano Grigolato, Omar Mologni, Andrea Proto, Giuseppe Zimbalatti, Raffaele Cavalli

3. Economic Analysis of Secondary Fuel Quality Treatment for Wood Chips from Forest Residues . Kathrin Schreiber, Daniel Kuptz, Fabian Schulmeyer, Hans Hartmann, Herbert Borchert

4. The logistic potential of large chip trucks and chipper trucks in a combined system. Lars Eliasson, Henrik von Hofsten, Johanna Enström

4. The variability in work volition of harvester's operators. Grzegorz Szewczyk, Janusz M. Sowa, Jiri Dvořák, Dariusz Kulak, Arkadiusz Stańczykiewicz, Dominika Gaj-Gielarowiec

4. Tool for surveys on the utilization of non-conventional biomass sources. Andrea Vityi, Andrea Vágvölgyi, Imre Czupy

5. Evaluating the efficiency of modified debarking harvesting heads on European tree species. Joachim B. Heppelmann, Eric R. Labelle, Ute Seeling, Stefan Wittkopf

5. A new device for reducing crew size and operator workload during log winching operations. Natascia Magagnotti, Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo, Mark Brown, Raffaele Spinelli

5.  Comparsion of standing timber grading with cut-to-length metod. Jiri Dvorak, Pavel Natov, Jan Kaspar, Grzegorz Szewczyk

6. The efficiency of timber harvesting using the HYPRO 450 processor combined with a farm tractor. Arkadiusz Stańczykiewicz, Krzysztof Leszczyński, Janusz M. Sowa, Dariusz Kulak, Grzegorz Szewczyk

6. Integrated Prevention Concept for Safety and Health in Forest Operations . Edgar Kastenholz, Joachim Morat, Ute Seeling

6. Environmental assessment of two different logging methods in coppice. Andrea Laschi, Enrico Marchi, Sara González-García


Coffee Break


Technical sessions [Pulawska Residence Hotel]



Session A5 [Room: Alfa]

Bucking optimisation

Moderator: Jiri Dvorak

Session B5 [Room: Beta]

Timber harvesting 1

Moderator: Witold Zychowicz

Session C5 [Room: Gamma]

Timber harvesting 2

Moderator: Edgar Kastenholz

1. Utilization of automatic and manual bucking in cutting Norway spruce dominated stands. Kalle Kärhä, Jyri Änäkkälä, Ollipekka Hakonen, Teijo Palander, Juha-Antti Sorsa, Tapio Räsänen

1. Assessing the possibility of incorporating Japanese small-scale logging systems into forest operations in Kenya. Birundu Abednego Osindi, Yasushi Suzuki, Jun’ichi Gotou, Hirotaka Nagai, Yoshifumi Hayata, Shin Yamasaki, Toshihiko Yamasaki

1. Impact of yarding direction and silvicultural treatment on operation performance in whole tree cable yarding – an analysis based on plot level data. Gernot Erber, Armin Haberl, Karl Stampfer

2. Does order of stems in harvesting count – the effect on bucking outcome when utilizing bucking to demand approach. Jukka Malinen & Mikko Räsänen

2. Impact of harvester engine rotation speed on effectiveness of birch log processing. Martyna Rosińska, Mariusz Bembenek, Zbigniew Karaszewski, Mateusz Dąbrowski, Piotr S. Mederski

2. Performance and costs for harwarder and harvester-forwarder systems in clear felling. Rikard Jonsson, Torbjörn Brunberg, Petrus Jönsson, Hagos Lundström, Jussi Manner

3. The effect of quality bucking and automayic bucking on harvesting productivity and product recovery in a pine dominated stand under Bavarian conditions. Eric R. Labelle, Moritz Bergen, Johannes Windisch

3. Harvesting production management practices – a comparison of 3 forest owners associations in Norway. Birger Vennesland, Eva Skagestad

3. Recommendations for an efficient mechanization of big broadleaves crowns. Philippe RUCH, Erwin ULRICH, Alain BOUVET, Xavier MONTAGNY

4. ForstInVoice - Making better use of harvester board computers. Hans-Ulrich Dietz,  Ute Seeling

4. New delimbing tool for harwood trees: feedback on new ribbed knives after one year experience. Emmanuel CACOT, David PEUCH, Jean-Christophe FAUROUX

4. Long range cable systems in Japan: Succession and continuous development to overcome terrain and cost balance. Yasushi Suzuki, Shin Yamasaki, Toshihiko Yamasaki, Hisashi Ishigaki

 5. Variability of energy woodchips and their economic effects. Arkadiusz Gendek, Tomasz Nurek

 5. Private forestry contractors in Poland - current state and development opportunities. Janusz Kocel, Krzysztof Jodlowski



Guided walk from Hotel Pulawska Residence to Restaurant Siwy Dym


Conference Dinner [Restaurant Siwy Dym]
End of the Conference