The Forest Engineering Network


The mission of SLOPE is to develop an integrated system for the optimization of the forest production in mountain areas. Its aim is to fill the gap between the more expensive and less flexible forestry operations in mountain areas and optimized cut-to-length systems in flatland forests.

For this purpose, spatial information and multi-sensor data will be integrated in a web-based Forest Management Platform for improving planning and logistics of forest operations. Furthermore the sensors will be integrated on carriages, harvester heads and trucks to make them more intelligent.

SLOPE Forest Management Platform

During FORMEC the first results are presented by four contributions:

  • Evaluation of RFID UHF tags for electronic marking of standing trees
  • Survival test of RFID UHF tags in timber harvesting operations
  • Real-time managing of timber and biomass procurement, harvesting and supply based on multiple end-users demands in mountain forests
  • SLOPE, a 3D forest virtual system to support harvesting operations in mountain areas

FORMEC will enhance the quality of the project by sharing the knowledge in timber harvesting operations in mountain forests and by discussing preliminary results with the scientific forest engineering network. Furthermore, a technical workshop is planned to be held in Linz and the demonstration area for testing the developed tools and prototypes is also not far away, located in Sankt Johann im Pongau.
SLOPE is funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme.