The Forest Engineering Network


Ante P.B. Krpan (20.5.1942-9.2.2018), university professor and forestry expert has graduated at the Faculty of Forestry University of Zagreb in 1968. In the year 1972, he started working at the Faculty of Forestry University of Zagreb at the Department of Forest Engineering as a teaching and research assistant. There he defended his master thesis in 1984 and his doctoral thesis in 1992 under titles “Applicability of tractor IMT-558 in timber extraction in lowland forests of Lipovljani” and “Analysis of factors affecting long-distance timber transport by trucks” respectively. He became an associate professor in 1993, professor in 1998 and was awarded tenured professorship in 2006.

In his productive professional and scientific life, he was among other things a head of the Department of Forest Engineering, vice-coordinator of the FORMEC network, active member of IUFRO, KWF’s senior associate and FAO/ILO/ECE Joint Committee associate, etc. He was a guest professor at forestry faculties in Dresden, Tharandt, Brno, Sopron and Ljubljana. He focused his professional career on issues such as the impact of terrain, stand, technology, ecology and economy on ergonomy and use, productivity and suitability of vehicles and machinery in timber harvesting operations. He was a member of editorial boards in Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering, Journal of Forestry, Wood Technology and the journal Works. As an author and co-author, he has published more than 150 scientific and professional papers as well as book chapters. He was a member of the Croatian Academy of Forestry Sciences, Croatian Forestry Society and Croatian Hunting Federation. In the year 2012, he was awarded the Honorary Membership reward by the FORMEC network.